Saturday, December 29, 2007

Chocolate, The Healer of all things Bad

When I walked outside today to get the mail, poor MM thought that I had left her all by herself. When I came back inside, she was, as my grandmother says, PITCHING A FIT! It was pitiful. I apologized for scaring her and she looked up at me, tears rolling down her face and said, "Momma, I think some chocolate kisses will make it better." That's right, friends, I'm teaching her at a young age how food can make you feel better. She'll thank me later...or will she blame me later?

Fine Dining with 2 Kids

We went out to dinner with Michael's family and future step-father while in Auburn (M lost his dad to cancer last year. His parents were married for 42 years). We are thankful that Janis has someone to spend her time with so we decided to celebrate. My brother in law made reservations at a very nice restaurant in Auburn, such a nice restaurant that MM and HJ were the ONLY children in the place and they had NO booster seat. Thank goodness we were in a room by ourselves, wait....did they do that on purpose---hahaha! Anyway, we had a great time, good food, and fabulous fellowship.

P.S. I REALLY wanted to crawl under that fine dinner table when MM (who is obsessed with bodily functions as of late) says to me, "I pooted Mommy!" We are high-class, we really are.


I have met, well, not in person, but certainly in cyber space, another blogger. She is from Arkansas and her name is Kelly. All of her sweet friends have been leaving precious comments! So go visit Kelly and leave her a comment!

First Things First

Christmas in the Douglas household was a fun filled fabulous toy explosion. Mary Margaret had a great time Christmas morning. Santa though almost forgot ice skating might be asking yourself, "Why would a 4 year old in Alabama want ice skating boots?" Well, friends, I asked myself that question several times. Finally MM explained it all to her slow-on-the-uptake Momma. Ice skating Boots is Dora's friend Boots dressed with ear warmers and ice skates....essentially he is a beanie baby and WE. HAD. TO. HAVE. HIM! So Santa looked high and low for Boots and finally found him though almost forget to leave him here at our house. MM found Boots sitting at the dining room table with the remnants of cookies, carrots, and M&M's. Yes didn't you know that all of Santa's reindeer love the taste of M&M's. Anyway, a break down was avoided and we have slept with Boots every night since. And he is a good snuggler!

We visited Michael's mom in Auburn for a few days...where Santa left a different kind of present. It was a throwing up virus. Yes, friends, the gift that keeps on giving. Those of us that did not catch the virus felt like "Dead Man Walking" just sitting around waiting for it to take us down. Though thankfully, the only two that had it were my nephew, Jay (he's 14) and my mother-in-law. I have talked to MM about praying for those that are not feeling well. So when she hears that Jay is sick (she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES cousin Jay), she immediately wanted to pray for him. It went a little like this, "Ward (this is MM talk for Lord), please help Jay to feel better."

It is still hard for me to not laugh when she starts out, "Ward...." though my heart may have melted just a bit!!!

Harper Jane received a Johnny Jump Up and she looks so tiny in it. She is still in like the 3rd percentile for her weight so I guess the reason she looks so tiny is b/c she is so tiny!

MM received two baby dolls this year. I will post pictures of her with these soon. Last night, sweet peaceful HJ was sitting in her bouncy when I heard such a clatter, I sprang from the laundry room to see what was the matter. MM was about to try and move HJ into the baby stroller....not a good idea I tried to explain.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cool Trick!

I caught the end of the Today show recently (at least I think it was the Today show). Forgive me for my memory fails me sometimes. For tough stuck on food, use dryer sheets. Take your yucky pan/bowl, etc and run water in it and place a dryer sheet in there as well. The dryer sheet loosens the tough stuck on yuck! I tried it this morning and IT WORKS!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Something else I've taught my daughter!

Recently Mary Margaret went to a play at her Daddy's school. It was a musical. Mary Margaret could not sit still and wanted to dance and sing AND get on stage! Unlike our daughter, Daddy wants no attention drawn to him in public places. Her Daddy got on to her several times and tried to pull her down in her seat. He was a little upset with her when they arrived home. Mary Margaret (AKA Miss Tenderheart) had big alligator tears in her eyes and ran into her bedroom. I went in there to comfort her and to talk about what happened. She looked at me and said she wanted to tell her Daddy she was sorry.

So she goes into the living room, alligator tears rolling down her chubby cheeks and says, "Daddy, I'm so sorry you hurt my feelings!"

Michael and I started laughing. He looked at me and said, "Mary Margaret, you apologize like your Mommy!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Conversation tonight went something like this:

Me: Mary Margaret, what do you want to do tomorrow?

MM: Well, Mommy, actually go to a restaurant and go shopping.

Everyone sigh with me now! I've taught her well!

Mary Margaret learns to share!

Last night as I was brushing Mary Margaret's teeth, she asked again why we have to brush our teeth. I explained that we didn't want cavities to make her teeth sick. After we finish, she runs to the living room to tell her daddy. "Daddy, did you know that 'tavities' make your teeth sick and if we brush we won't have 'tavities'?" We laughed a little about her pronounciation of cavity.

A little while later, I am getting Harper Jane ready for bed and Mary Margaret is all about looking in Harper Jane's mouth. "Where are her teeth? Why doesn't she have any?" I explained that she would start getting teeth soon. Mary Margaret is a little bit dramatic as I've stated before. She starts getting upset over Harper Jane's lack of teeth. Mary Margaret then looks at me with tears in her eyes and says, "Mommy, Harper Jane can have my teeth."

My heart might have exploded a little bit!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas don't be late!

Christmas Tour of Homes

I am so enjoying Christmas this year with our two little girls, Mary Margaret and Harper Jane. Yes, we do love us some double names. We're Southern, after all. I digress...
Here are some pictures of our home decorated for the holiday. The first one is our tree and as I've said before, it is what I call bottom heavy. Fashionistas out there might say it was "pear-shaped"! Remember my dear 4 year old is highly interested in decorating the tree (and redecorating and redecorating and redecorating). Also notice that most of the ornaments located at the bottom are stuffed ornaments or non-breakable ornaments. Mama is no fool...I learned this trick after MM broke several ornaments last year and amazingly we had NO big gaping wounds and no hospital visits. So I said, Why tempt fate? Buy stuffed ornaments for the child! Notice our tree has no theme. I do have several sweet ornaments from my childhood. I am an ornament person, love to give 'em and receive 'em. I have several ornaments from sweet students from years past. Our tree is what I call eclectic!

Here is our mantle. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Here is my navity set (by Southern Living).

Mary Margaret loved my navity so that we decided to find her one. We initially thought it was indestructible. MM must be ahead of the learning curve when it comes to breaking things (bless her heart). The Angel of the Lord (or as she calls it The Angel of the "Ward") is missing her poor little wings and we are missing one precious lamb because it is legless.

Here is the family Christmas picture with our new addition, Harper Jane. She is almost 4 months old. Mary Margaret is 4 years old.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Evil Eye

This video is a great break from the holiday stress! So watch it already! It is hysterical. Mary Margaret and I watched it thirty 'leven times! HA! You can thank me later!

Need a last minute gift idea....

This dancing oil warmer in snowflake was given to me by Amber for Christmas...and I tried it out today. My entire house was all nice and cinnamon pumpkin spicy! Plus the warmer is all nice and shimmery while the candle is burning! I am going tomorrow to pick up a few of these to give to my family. I know my Nene would love this! Below is the type of oil she got me and I highly recommend it!

Just call me Paula, y'all!

One of the prerequisites to my staying home this year was that I learn to cook. Growing up, I was NOT interested in cooking. I mean, I have always loved to eat, but cook...not so much. I didn't mind cleaning up the kitchen, I just didn't want to cook.

Though now that I am at home, I have been collecting recipes like crazy and trying out new things. Thankfully my mom lives here and she really does some "down home" cooking and I am taking advantage of her knowledge (finally, after all these years)! I am ashamed to tell y'all that until about 3 weeks ago, I didn't own a skillet. WHAT, you ask? What self-respecting Southern gal does not own a skillet? Well, that would have been me. Up until this year, someone could have truly hidden stuff in my oven and the items would not have been found by me! I digress...

So today, I made homemade veggie soup AND CORN BREAD in my brand new skillet! Aren't you impressed? AND the stuff was edible, y'all!!! Michael and I even "seasoned" my new skillet before use.

I'm beginning to think that I deserve a show on the Food Network.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Picture viewing problems

If you are trying to look at my blog from a school computer (using a program called CITRIX), you will not be able to see the pictures. Sorry! Check us out when you are at home!

The Hostess with the Mostest

Let me just tell you what sort of day we had yesterday! We jumped out of bed and got ready for a fun-filled day of gingerbread house making. The girls and I were going to one of my oldest friend's house to build gingerbread houses with her and her daughter, Emma. Emma is just a few months older than Mary Margaret and those girls are thick as thieves. Amber and her family live in Huntsville, just a quick 45 minute jaunt from us. Though as you know nothing is quick when you have a 3 month old. I was so impressed that I was only 15 minutes late. Getting two girls together and ready is rough. I even applied mascara and lipstick so it was truly a special occasion. HA!

Look at these little girls. We like to dress them alike. It's called a clothing disease. We both have it. (Notice: MM has an animal AGAIN. I tell ya, it's a theme, y'all)

So we get there and Amber and I don't see Mary Margaret and Emma for awhile. Quiet and 4 year olds just don't mix so we went to check on them. DESTROYED is what they have done to Emma's poor play room. I wished I had taken a before picture. I did take an after picture for your viewing pleasure.

Here is the destroyed playroom...

Amber's home was perfectly decorated for Christmas. Her tree was fab! She had prepared us a hot meal of Santa Fe soup and in the words of Rachael Ray, it was "DELISH"! She even held Harper Jane so I could eat a hot meal....something I have not had in awhile!

Then came the gingerbread houses. Amber provided our girls with identical sets (identical is HIGHLY important when dealing with children). So Amber decides that she is going to hold the baby and let me start the process, you know, b/c she thinks that I could use my elementary education degree. Let me just say, the girls were interested for about 1.2 minutes. In those 1.2 minutes, they both ate candy! Then they were off to demolish the play room closet. So A and I have a fantastic arts and crafts day building our first gingerbread houses at the ripe old age of 29. Fun times! Though once the girls saw the icing, they decided they might help a bit....might help us eat the icing, that is. HA!

Enjoying the candy and especially enjoying the icing:

Here is Amber doing her decorating thing:

We had a great time. Amber even sent us home with soup so I wouldn't have to worry about supper. She had the girls a gift and me too. On my way home, I was thinking about moving in their spare bedroom.

P.S. Here's Rudolph! Harper Jane's shoes play "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"! Emma gave these to HJ!

P.P.S. Here is the funniest picture! This is when I told MM we had to go home. Notice the girls' faces. I sure wish we had the audio....well, maybe you don't want the audio version!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Me = Nosy Rosy

I am just wondering about your Christmas tree. Is it real or artificial? Colored lights or white lights? Theme tree or, what I like to call, mishmash? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Give 'em what they want! STAT!

Is it just me or is anyone else sad that their regularly scheduled programs are now going to repeats. I know, I know, I get it. I think the writers should be paid more, so give it to them NOW. I normally watch Leno's intro monologue. Last week NBC was showing old episodes that were at least 10 years old. Chris Farley was a guest and he was talking about a little movie called Black Sheep. I truly am not a crazed TV lunatic that spends 10 hours per day watching. I just watch a few favorites and that is like MY time (which comes in small quantities with 2 little ones). Thank goodness for Christmas movies. At least I can watch Clark W. Griswold and cousin Eddie.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Do you remember the post where I said that I love jigsaw puzzles and so does MM? Well, here is an animated Christmas puzzle site to try with your little one. Very cute so just click HERE

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Elf

Mary Margaret is such a little ham! Don't you just love her Christmas pajamas! Notice our tree in the background. It is a little bottow heavy with the ornaments. I don't know HOW on earth that could have happened. Do you?

P.S. Notice stuffed animal in hand AGAIN!

Christmas Parties Galore

Mary Margaret is ready for her Christmas parties! Notice that she always has a stuffed animal of some sort in EVERY picture!

Here are my girls in their very first matching outfits!

MM loves her some Santa Claus!

Harper Jane's first Santa picture!

Did you know that reindeer love to sing, ALL.THE.TIME?

Point Clear, Alabama at its Finest

We ventured down to Point Clear, Alabama the week after Thanksgiving. Michael had a school conference and we tagged along for the ride...b/c right now being a "stay at home mom" I had to clear my packed schedule so we could go (packed schedule=no other major plans). You should have seen our car from the back. Packing for 3 girls, well, it just ain't pretty! We stayed at The Grand Hotel and were right on Mobile Bay. Stunning is all I can say! They had just decorated for Christmas (they were late decorating according to me seeing as I had had my tree up for 2 weeks by then). Mary Margaret had a blast walking around. I had loads of fun going shopping at the Foley outlets even though I had 2 young, young children with me. Let's just say we spent more time at the Disney store than, say, J. Crew or Banana Republic. I took several pictures of Mary Margaret with the beautiful back drop of The Grand. Let me share a few with you:

Now there is a bit of a story behind this next picture:

So I'm all, "Mary Margaret, go stand by that nice tree with the little pond behind you so I can take your picture." So she does and she looks cute. She is touching the tree, so, I guess she can become one with nature (so unlike her mother). Then I decide to read about the tree, b/c you know, I'm interested and this is what I read:

Yes, that's right, my friends. I have just let Mary Margaret put her hands all over a poisonous tree. Well, ok, so just the leaves and seeds are poisonous and I'm sure they are only dangerous if you ingest them. But, please, let me tell you how we high-tailed it away from that sweet piece of nature. I haven't moved that quickly, well, ever.

Here she is ready to take a bath:

I was amazed at these oak trees. I loved the way the limbs grew back into the ground. They were so majestic. I also read about them and I'll be sure to share that with y'all. I know I'm not the outdoorsy type. At least not the camping outdoorsy type, but I do love to read about plants and learn about them. I even like to pretend I have a green thumb.

Now don't you feel all sorts of nature enriched! You can thank me later!

Praise Baby


If you have little children and want them to enjoy praise music, then this Praise Baby collection is for you. We own 2 of the DVDs and 2 of the CDs and we have almost worn them out. We love them....yes, even the adults of the household. I have also given these as baby gifts and birthday presents! They are that good!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Very First Blog List

If you know me, then you know that I do love to make a list. I have at least 5 going at all times. It drives my dear husband crazy. Anyhoo, I wanted to make a list of things I am currently thankful for:

1. Puzzles, 100 piece puzzles, 100 piece Princess puzzles to be exact!
Need I say more!

2. My laptop b/c it goes anywhere and I can hold Harper Jane, surf the internet, and pretent to be watching the princess puzzle take shape.

3. The Fisher Price Bouncer seat for it's ability to entertain my dear, sweet, precious youngest long enough that I may shower, wash my hair, AND rinse out the conditioner.

4. Chocolate Santa suckers that are sold at the Dollar Tree (in a pack of 5, no less). This makes the PERFECT bribe, you know, for any, if you pick up the toys in the living room, if you eat your carrots, if you brush your teeth (just kidding). AND they are a great bribe for me...if you wash the clothes, if you give the girls baths, you know, b/c I deserve them too!

5. The POD AKA the IPOD. Mary Margaret only knows it as the POD. We spend an entire day last week making Christmas playlists on the couch in our pajamas. That is my kind of day....we did, by the way, also eat chocolate suckers:)!

6. The internet making it possible for me to do some Christmas shopping while listening to Christmas music on the couch in my pajamas (eating chocolate suckers)!

Don't be jealous of all this excitement....just live vicariously through it!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Great stories to come

I have lots of pictures and some good stories to tell y'all. We are in Point Clear and I have had no time to type....been too busy (remember the Foley outlets are near)! We are going home tomorrow and I'll be sure to fill you in ASAP!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Iron Chef America

If you don't watch Iron Chef America on the Food Network, you should. Hey, this is my blog and I can voice my opinion. We are Food Network crazy at mi casa. Ask Mary Margaret about Paula Deen and she will reply, "Hey Y'all!" Ask her about Emeril and she says, "Bam," "Kick it up a Notch," and "Wow, we gotta a FIIIIIIRE!" (Yes, fire has at least 4 syllables). She also loves when Bobby Flay has a "Throwdown" I told you. We are Food Network crazy, people!

It all started when I was on bed rest this summer (pre term labor with Harper Jane). I would be sitting a-LONE at home with Mary Margaret as my only company and she would play. I would watch the Food Network and think about F-O-O-D! Pregnant people do that ALL. THE. TIME. It was an obsession. I have never wanted to learn how to cook until this summer. So....I started cooking, only, of course, after I was released from bed rest.

One Sunday night recently, MM was sitting on the kitchen counter with me as I was preparing supper (something super easy with less than 5 ingredients, --- remember I'm a novice) and she looks at me and says, "Mommy you are a cooker. I mean, a chef." And of course, I don't deny it! "Yes, Mary Margaret, Mommy is a chef and so are you b/c you help me. To which she replies, "You must be Iron Chef Mommy!"

Meet Iron Chef Mommy!

Now about Iron Chef America....Iron Chef America is a competition where world class chefs challenge Iron Chefs of America (including Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Masaharu Morimoto and Cat Cora). They are given the "secret ingredient" at the beginning of the show and you watch them create phenomenal dishes. The dishes are the judged by 3 judges on 3 different criteria. I do love a good competition!

Bye y'all!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey YOU, yes YOU!!

If you are reading my blog, leave a comment while you are here! Talk to me!

Response to the Soundtrack Question

I have a friend, Julie-Ann, who says this video would be part of her soundtrack. I encourage you to watch the ENTIRE video. It is so worth it! Click HERE

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Soundtrack of your Life

So we are watching the movie Rent tonight (which is a favorite at our house). Mary Margaret loves this movie and Michael spends most of his time using the mute button trying to mute out every profane word. It's quite comical. It is almost like a game for him. And then there's Mary Margaret singing to the top of her lungs (did I mention that she likes to sing?) all the while Harper Jane sleeps. How she slept through this I'll never know. I'm pretty sure our neighbors could have called the cops for disturbing the peace. Anyway, I digress...

So I am loving this soundtrack. I start thinking, if I were to make a soundtrack of my life, what songs would be included?? I decided I would have to ponder this for awhile. So I ask you, what song or songs would definitely be included on your "Life" soundtrack? What song do you think should be on my soundtrack (if you know me well enough to suggest one, please do so)?

I know 4 songs so far: All I Wanna Do is Have some Fun by Sheryl Crow (my high school theme song), Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones (mainly b/c I've always loved this song), At Last by Etta James (sang at our wedding), and The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow from Annie (for obvious Mary Margaret reasons). I'm going to keep thinking on this one.


So I have edited the previous blogs with links. Thanks to Laura, I learned how to properly insert the link. So excited and yes, I am enjoying blogging and will include more things than just pictures of my children (however precious I think they are)!

Now to all my friends that have emailed me about trying to leave a comment....YOU CAN DO IT! You will just have to register and it is SUPER easy! C'mon let me know that you are reading!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I've got to learn how to attach a link. It is driving me crazy. I have tried the little insert link button and entered the URL. What am I doing wrong?

Another reason not to wear make up

I am pretty much anti-make-up. Maybe that is b/c I have two children attached to me at all times and don't have the time (really don't want to make the time) to put it on. Well, here is my excuse. Ever wondered what sort of chemicals are in the products that you put on your skin, lips, face, etc. Click HERE

You can find out the safest items in all types of categories. I encourage you to know. I was shocked to find out some of the ingredients for baby lotions. That's right, baby lotions.

I've had to start checking some ingredients out b/c MM has such sensitive skin.

Do you love to read?

Do you love to read? Do you constantly read the same genre? I do. So I found this website. You type in an author's name (i.e. James Patterson) and a web appears. The web contains authors that write relatively like the author you typed in. Try it out! It is really cool and I have found new authors to read. I go through phases....British chick lit, scary/suspenseful, etc. So I'm a teacher and I'm pushing you to read. I'm just saying...

Literature Map


Here was Harper Jane's announcement. Thank Heaven for little girls:)!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Emma and Mary Margaret

Emma and Mary Margaret can't help but be friends. Emma's momma, Amber and I have been friends for at least 23 years. She was my roomie while at Auburn. They live in Huntsville. This year we went to Tate Farms together and had a blast. I love the above picture. The girls were on hay ride to pick out the pumpkins. I just love the perspective!

Mary Margaret is 4!!!

Here is MM on the way to her birthday party. It was held at McDonald's and a good time was had by all. The theme was princesses. We had a major Princess Bday cake. It was SO cool! Somebody actually asked me if I had created it....yeah, right. It was like an "Ace of Cakes" cake (I'm a food network junkie and so is Mary Margaret). Here is the picture of the cake and it was yummy!


Sometimes the fussing interupts Mary Margaret's talking....and she doesn't like it one bit!

Holding Hands

How sweet are these girls!

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Ignore the photo date stamp. I had changed my camera battery and forgot to update the date.

So I'm ready for Christmas

Get excited! It's the Home Alone face!

Look a likes

I totally think Mary Margaret and Harper Jane look so much alike. Here is a picture of Mary Margaret when she was 2. What do you think? Do they look a like or not so much?

My sister

So my sister lives in Auburn. She has been home for a few days and decided to teach MM to do the "Superman." I think that is what it is called. Anyway, it is some rap song and it is hysterical to watch those two "dance" in my living room. It was hysterical, that is, until I listened to some of the words and now I am looking for the edited version. Man, I am getting old!

Harper Jane

Here is my sweet pea, mad. She was like this for like 6 hours a day until she was diagnosed with reflux. I am so thankful for the makers of prevacid. I would be a slave for the creator. That's how thankful I am. Now she looks like the picture below, for the most part. I guess this is like a before and after! ha.

Date with Daddy

Here is Mary Margaret going on a date with her Daddy to a school play. Michael is a principal at a middle school and his school had a play called, "Dear Edwena." I'm sure I spelled that wrong. Anyway, they were gone for about 2 hours and MM came in totally excited and dancing everywhere. She describes it to me and so tells on her daddy. She says, "All the people came out and started dancing and singing. My favorite part was the dancing. So I started dancing and tried to get on the stage. Daddy got mad at me and I was sad." Apparently she tried to dance on the stage and Michael pulled her back to her seat. She is going to be a performer one day....she has the drama part down already.

So it's been awhile...

I've been a little busy, yes, sadly too busy to blog. My little children demand a lot of time and effort. Who knew??

At night (when I get a chance), I have been catching up on a little TV. We watched Californication (series on Showtime). Pretty good. Lots of cuss words (at least Harper Jane can't repeat yet). GREAT writing. The one-liners in this show are hysterical. It is dark humor and it totally appeals to me. We also have started watching Entourage (Thank goodness for Netflix).

Mary Margaret continues to say the funniest things. Tonight we were dancing and she actually told me, "Mama, you still got it!" Where does she get these things? She will tell people about her new little sister. Mary Margaret says, "Harper Jane loves fussing, crying, sleeping, drinking, and madding." Madding is a term she has coined for being mad. Pretty creative, I think.

I am also learning to cook, though I feel like I am cooking the same 8 dishes over and over again. I need some new recipes (must be easy and have less than 10 ingredients, please).

Christmas is going to be such fun this year. We are putting up the tree tomorrow. MM is super excited. We are already watching Christmas movies (i.e. I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown, The Chipmunks Christmas, Mickey Mouse Christmas, etc.). And she is singing "Baby it's Cold Outside" constantly. She does love to sing, that little one. At least, she has stopped singing her questions. Seriously, she used to sing EVERYTHING! Thank God for small miracles!

I am going to end with a picture of Mary Margaret on Halloween (it's at the top). She was Annie and sang (yes, did I mention that she loves to sing), "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow."

Saturday, September 22, 2007

We have a blog!

How exciting! We have a blog!!! I was motivated by a friend to start a blog. I read her blog everyday, so thanks Laura!

We are a family of four. Michael is the dad, Lindsey (that's me) is the mom, Mary Margaret is 3 1/2 years old, and Harper Jane is 4 weeks old today. I have taught school for 6 long years but I am taking this school year off to be a full time mommy (that's a full time job in itself). My husband is a middle school principal (never a dull moment)! He has lots of funny stories to tell. We live in a really small town in North Alabama near my hometown. We both received our bachelor degrees from Auburn University (War Eagle)!

Today Mary Margaret is busy singing to the top of her lungs and playing in her room. Ask anyone that knows her...she is definately a singer. She used to sing her questions, everything is a song. Somehow, Michael is able to ignore her "singing" and catch some ZZZZ's in the living room. Harper Jane just wants to be held....fine by me. I could do that all day:). I'm hoping to take the girls to the park this afternoon (I am feeling ambitious)! I need to go find my jogging stroller (though it has had very little jogging time).

I am amazed at how wonderfully Harper Jane can sleep during the day....where is this sleep at night???

Ok, so enough for now. I am really excited about our blog and hopefully I'll remember my password so I can post again. I have been having what I call "Mommy Brain" though it should really be called brain drain b/c my children are eating my brain cells, I promise!!!