Friday, November 16, 2007

So it's been awhile...

I've been a little busy, yes, sadly too busy to blog. My little children demand a lot of time and effort. Who knew??

At night (when I get a chance), I have been catching up on a little TV. We watched Californication (series on Showtime). Pretty good. Lots of cuss words (at least Harper Jane can't repeat yet). GREAT writing. The one-liners in this show are hysterical. It is dark humor and it totally appeals to me. We also have started watching Entourage (Thank goodness for Netflix).

Mary Margaret continues to say the funniest things. Tonight we were dancing and she actually told me, "Mama, you still got it!" Where does she get these things? She will tell people about her new little sister. Mary Margaret says, "Harper Jane loves fussing, crying, sleeping, drinking, and madding." Madding is a term she has coined for being mad. Pretty creative, I think.

I am also learning to cook, though I feel like I am cooking the same 8 dishes over and over again. I need some new recipes (must be easy and have less than 10 ingredients, please).

Christmas is going to be such fun this year. We are putting up the tree tomorrow. MM is super excited. We are already watching Christmas movies (i.e. I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown, The Chipmunks Christmas, Mickey Mouse Christmas, etc.). And she is singing "Baby it's Cold Outside" constantly. She does love to sing, that little one. At least, she has stopped singing her questions. Seriously, she used to sing EVERYTHING! Thank God for small miracles!

I am going to end with a picture of Mary Margaret on Halloween (it's at the top). She was Annie and sang (yes, did I mention that she loves to sing), "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow."