Sunday, November 18, 2007

Soundtrack of your Life

So we are watching the movie Rent tonight (which is a favorite at our house). Mary Margaret loves this movie and Michael spends most of his time using the mute button trying to mute out every profane word. It's quite comical. It is almost like a game for him. And then there's Mary Margaret singing to the top of her lungs (did I mention that she likes to sing?) all the while Harper Jane sleeps. How she slept through this I'll never know. I'm pretty sure our neighbors could have called the cops for disturbing the peace. Anyway, I digress...

So I am loving this soundtrack. I start thinking, if I were to make a soundtrack of my life, what songs would be included?? I decided I would have to ponder this for awhile. So I ask you, what song or songs would definitely be included on your "Life" soundtrack? What song do you think should be on my soundtrack (if you know me well enough to suggest one, please do so)?

I know 4 songs so far: All I Wanna Do is Have some Fun by Sheryl Crow (my high school theme song), Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones (mainly b/c I've always loved this song), At Last by Etta James (sang at our wedding), and The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow from Annie (for obvious Mary Margaret reasons). I'm going to keep thinking on this one.


Anonymous said...

Lins, this is going to be fun to follow. I need to send you a lengthy email, but it will have to wait. As for my life's soundtrack, it would have to include the hymn "Because He Lives." I'm going to enjoy coming up with others; that will take some thinking. Thanks for pictures of your girls. Love you, Dianne

cmcdonald said...

"Under Pressure" David Bowie/Queen. Listen to it nearly every day, sing loud. Oh, and "Better Together" Jack Johnson. Steve wants "Rocket Man" by Elton John.