Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fine Dining with 2 Kids

We went out to dinner with Michael's family and future step-father while in Auburn (M lost his dad to cancer last year. His parents were married for 42 years). We are thankful that Janis has someone to spend her time with so we decided to celebrate. My brother in law made reservations at a very nice restaurant in Auburn, such a nice restaurant that MM and HJ were the ONLY children in the place and they had NO booster seat. Thank goodness we were in a room by ourselves, wait....did they do that on purpose---hahaha! Anyway, we had a great time, good food, and fabulous fellowship.

P.S. I REALLY wanted to crawl under that fine dinner table when MM (who is obsessed with bodily functions as of late) says to me, "I pooted Mommy!" We are high-class, we really are.


Anonymous said...

I like it all pink around here!

LG said...

That is hilarious! I think she adn Erik could spend some quality time discussing such things! ha
What restaurant?