Saturday, December 29, 2007

First Things First

Christmas in the Douglas household was a fun filled fabulous toy explosion. Mary Margaret had a great time Christmas morning. Santa though almost forgot ice skating might be asking yourself, "Why would a 4 year old in Alabama want ice skating boots?" Well, friends, I asked myself that question several times. Finally MM explained it all to her slow-on-the-uptake Momma. Ice skating Boots is Dora's friend Boots dressed with ear warmers and ice skates....essentially he is a beanie baby and WE. HAD. TO. HAVE. HIM! So Santa looked high and low for Boots and finally found him though almost forget to leave him here at our house. MM found Boots sitting at the dining room table with the remnants of cookies, carrots, and M&M's. Yes didn't you know that all of Santa's reindeer love the taste of M&M's. Anyway, a break down was avoided and we have slept with Boots every night since. And he is a good snuggler!

We visited Michael's mom in Auburn for a few days...where Santa left a different kind of present. It was a throwing up virus. Yes, friends, the gift that keeps on giving. Those of us that did not catch the virus felt like "Dead Man Walking" just sitting around waiting for it to take us down. Though thankfully, the only two that had it were my nephew, Jay (he's 14) and my mother-in-law. I have talked to MM about praying for those that are not feeling well. So when she hears that Jay is sick (she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES cousin Jay), she immediately wanted to pray for him. It went a little like this, "Ward (this is MM talk for Lord), please help Jay to feel better."

It is still hard for me to not laugh when she starts out, "Ward...." though my heart may have melted just a bit!!!

Harper Jane received a Johnny Jump Up and she looks so tiny in it. She is still in like the 3rd percentile for her weight so I guess the reason she looks so tiny is b/c she is so tiny!

MM received two baby dolls this year. I will post pictures of her with these soon. Last night, sweet peaceful HJ was sitting in her bouncy when I heard such a clatter, I sprang from the laundry room to see what was the matter. MM was about to try and move HJ into the baby stroller....not a good idea I tried to explain.