Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Give 'em what they want! STAT!

Is it just me or is anyone else sad that their regularly scheduled programs are now going to repeats. I know, I know, I get it. I think the writers should be paid more, so give it to them NOW. I normally watch Leno's intro monologue. Last week NBC was showing old episodes that were at least 10 years old. Chris Farley was a guest and he was talking about a little movie called Black Sheep. I truly am not a crazed TV lunatic that spends 10 hours per day watching. I just watch a few favorites and that is like MY time (which comes in small quantities with 2 little ones). Thank goodness for Christmas movies. At least I can watch Clark W. Griswold and cousin Eddie.


Stefanie said...

You are so right about Clark W. Griswold and cousin Eddie. It just wouldn't be Christmas without watching that movie. I will definately have to post pics of Danny's dad doing his impression of cousin Eddie. It is great!!! Oh, by the way, I love your blogs!!!