Friday, December 14, 2007

The Hostess with the Mostest

Let me just tell you what sort of day we had yesterday! We jumped out of bed and got ready for a fun-filled day of gingerbread house making. The girls and I were going to one of my oldest friend's house to build gingerbread houses with her and her daughter, Emma. Emma is just a few months older than Mary Margaret and those girls are thick as thieves. Amber and her family live in Huntsville, just a quick 45 minute jaunt from us. Though as you know nothing is quick when you have a 3 month old. I was so impressed that I was only 15 minutes late. Getting two girls together and ready is rough. I even applied mascara and lipstick so it was truly a special occasion. HA!

Look at these little girls. We like to dress them alike. It's called a clothing disease. We both have it. (Notice: MM has an animal AGAIN. I tell ya, it's a theme, y'all)

So we get there and Amber and I don't see Mary Margaret and Emma for awhile. Quiet and 4 year olds just don't mix so we went to check on them. DESTROYED is what they have done to Emma's poor play room. I wished I had taken a before picture. I did take an after picture for your viewing pleasure.

Here is the destroyed playroom...

Amber's home was perfectly decorated for Christmas. Her tree was fab! She had prepared us a hot meal of Santa Fe soup and in the words of Rachael Ray, it was "DELISH"! She even held Harper Jane so I could eat a hot meal....something I have not had in awhile!

Then came the gingerbread houses. Amber provided our girls with identical sets (identical is HIGHLY important when dealing with children). So Amber decides that she is going to hold the baby and let me start the process, you know, b/c she thinks that I could use my elementary education degree. Let me just say, the girls were interested for about 1.2 minutes. In those 1.2 minutes, they both ate candy! Then they were off to demolish the play room closet. So A and I have a fantastic arts and crafts day building our first gingerbread houses at the ripe old age of 29. Fun times! Though once the girls saw the icing, they decided they might help a bit....might help us eat the icing, that is. HA!

Enjoying the candy and especially enjoying the icing:

Here is Amber doing her decorating thing:

We had a great time. Amber even sent us home with soup so I wouldn't have to worry about supper. She had the girls a gift and me too. On my way home, I was thinking about moving in their spare bedroom.

P.S. Here's Rudolph! Harper Jane's shoes play "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"! Emma gave these to HJ!

P.P.S. Here is the funniest picture! This is when I told MM we had to go home. Notice the girls' faces. I sure wish we had the audio....well, maybe you don't want the audio version!


LG said...

This whole post is great! Cute girls and I love the rudolph shoes!

Kelly said...

Well - I had to come see the rudolph shoes on YOUR Harper! :-) And they looks SO cute! Now I need to find that darling rudolph outfit to go with them!!!!