Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just call me Paula, y'all!

One of the prerequisites to my staying home this year was that I learn to cook. Growing up, I was NOT interested in cooking. I mean, I have always loved to eat, but cook...not so much. I didn't mind cleaning up the kitchen, I just didn't want to cook.

Though now that I am at home, I have been collecting recipes like crazy and trying out new things. Thankfully my mom lives here and she really does some "down home" cooking and I am taking advantage of her knowledge (finally, after all these years)! I am ashamed to tell y'all that until about 3 weeks ago, I didn't own a skillet. WHAT, you ask? What self-respecting Southern gal does not own a skillet? Well, that would have been me. Up until this year, someone could have truly hidden stuff in my oven and the items would not have been found by me! I digress...

So today, I made homemade veggie soup AND CORN BREAD in my brand new skillet! Aren't you impressed? AND the stuff was edible, y'all!!! Michael and I even "seasoned" my new skillet before use.

I'm beginning to think that I deserve a show on the Food Network.


Anonymous said...

Christy...I just ASSUMED that based on all the "hollas" to Paula, food network, Emeril, etc...that you WERE a cook. Congrats on the skillet! Being that you are, a Southern have heard of TownCraft cookware. Have the whole set...have cooked nothing. I have had it like 4 years too...send "inspiration".