Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Point Clear, Alabama at its Finest

We ventured down to Point Clear, Alabama the week after Thanksgiving. Michael had a school conference and we tagged along for the ride...b/c right now being a "stay at home mom" I had to clear my packed schedule so we could go (packed schedule=no other major plans). You should have seen our car from the back. Packing for 3 girls, well, it just ain't pretty! We stayed at The Grand Hotel and were right on Mobile Bay. Stunning is all I can say! They had just decorated for Christmas (they were late decorating according to me seeing as I had had my tree up for 2 weeks by then). Mary Margaret had a blast walking around. I had loads of fun going shopping at the Foley outlets even though I had 2 young, young children with me. Let's just say we spent more time at the Disney store than, say, J. Crew or Banana Republic. I took several pictures of Mary Margaret with the beautiful back drop of The Grand. Let me share a few with you:

Now there is a bit of a story behind this next picture:

So I'm all, "Mary Margaret, go stand by that nice tree with the little pond behind you so I can take your picture." So she does and she looks cute. She is touching the tree, so, I guess she can become one with nature (so unlike her mother). Then I decide to read about the tree, b/c you know, I'm interested and this is what I read:

Yes, that's right, my friends. I have just let Mary Margaret put her hands all over a poisonous tree. Well, ok, so just the leaves and seeds are poisonous and I'm sure they are only dangerous if you ingest them. But, please, let me tell you how we high-tailed it away from that sweet piece of nature. I haven't moved that quickly, well, ever.

Here she is ready to take a bath:

I was amazed at these oak trees. I loved the way the limbs grew back into the ground. They were so majestic. I also read about them and I'll be sure to share that with y'all. I know I'm not the outdoorsy type. At least not the camping outdoorsy type, but I do love to read about plants and learn about them. I even like to pretend I have a green thumb.

Now don't you feel all sorts of nature enriched! You can thank me later!