Saturday, September 22, 2007

We have a blog!

How exciting! We have a blog!!! I was motivated by a friend to start a blog. I read her blog everyday, so thanks Laura!

We are a family of four. Michael is the dad, Lindsey (that's me) is the mom, Mary Margaret is 3 1/2 years old, and Harper Jane is 4 weeks old today. I have taught school for 6 long years but I am taking this school year off to be a full time mommy (that's a full time job in itself). My husband is a middle school principal (never a dull moment)! He has lots of funny stories to tell. We live in a really small town in North Alabama near my hometown. We both received our bachelor degrees from Auburn University (War Eagle)!

Today Mary Margaret is busy singing to the top of her lungs and playing in her room. Ask anyone that knows her...she is definately a singer. She used to sing her questions, everything is a song. Somehow, Michael is able to ignore her "singing" and catch some ZZZZ's in the living room. Harper Jane just wants to be held....fine by me. I could do that all day:). I'm hoping to take the girls to the park this afternoon (I am feeling ambitious)! I need to go find my jogging stroller (though it has had very little jogging time).

I am amazed at how wonderfully Harper Jane can sleep during the day....where is this sleep at night???

Ok, so enough for now. I am really excited about our blog and hopefully I'll remember my password so I can post again. I have been having what I call "Mommy Brain" though it should really be called brain drain b/c my children are eating my brain cells, I promise!!!