Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And I'm gonna miss her...

So for New Year's, we visited our dear friends, Sonny and Cecelia and their two precious children, Caroline (5 years old) and Tyson (7 months old). And yes, we have already arranged a marriage between sweet Tyson and Harper Jane. These dear friends are part of our chosen family. Michael and I met Cecelia when we all taught at the same school in 2001. These were our very first "married" couple friends and OH my goodness have we had fun in the past. Rockin' times....until now. Now we can barely stay up late enough to watch Dick Clark ring in the New Year. C and I could only talk about how bad and how revealing the outfits were on TV. We are getting old, my friends. Gone are the days of jumping in the car to go out to dinner as well. Try going with 6 kids...ok just 4 kids and 2 husbands. But we had a great time.

Michael decided yesterday to stay an extra day. WE DO THIS EVERY TIME WE VISIT. Thankfully, I have learned this and just make sure to pack extra clothes.

Early this morning, we got up to make the dreaded drive home. I went into Caroline's room to wake up MM and get her ready. She adores Caroline and I knew that this was going to be bad. She, of course, did not want to leave. She was sobbing. I look at her and say after I have tried to console her and realized the consoling was NOT WORKING, "Well you can stay here and live with Caroline, Cecelia, Sonny, and Tyson or you can get up and let me help you get dressed to go home."

I leave. I come back 5 minutes later.

She is still crying.

MM looks up at me, still in Caroline's bed, with big tears rolling down her cheeks, "Momma, I sure am going to miss you and Daddy and Harper Jane."

Oh the bonds of friendship!


Sonny & Cecelia Brown said...

We would take her in a minute, regardless of what you think! Her "perfect pitch" was the topic of conversation with the local music experts. Thanks for coming....We love you.


Aren't you impressed that I read and responded?

Kelly said...

That is so cute!!!!
It's great to have such wonderful couple friends - I hope your kids DO get married!