Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Do you buy organic?

I have a bloggy friend, Laskigal (AKA From the Cheap Seats), that posed a great question. Do you buy organic?

Just last week, I started buying organic milk. MM drinks A LOT of milk and I really don't want her ingesting all those extra hormones. I DID NOT mention it to MM.

She does not like change and she is HIGHLY picky about what she eats (I mean, she eats NO meat, people). She could truly be what I call a fruitatarian. In other words, she could live off fruit and fruit only.

Today I was talking to my friend, Amber and we were discussing whether or not to go organic (among other interesting topics, such as high school gossip, Britney Spears, the SNOW, etc).

So I asked MM if she wanted a glass of milk.

She looks up at me and asks, "Is this the ho-gan-ic milk, Momma?"

So I must have a little eavesdropper on my hands. I am going to have to be a little more careful and say, lock myself in the bathroom with the water running so she can't hear what I am talking about. At least she drank the milk!

Back to my point, friends, do you buy organic?


Kelly said...

I don't.....I've been thinking about it lately. I think it will concern me more with kids.
But I'm not the most healthy eater in general anyway. :-)

LaskiGal said...

Ho-ganic!!! What a cute cookie! OK, so I was looking in my refrigerator and noticed that the organic milk lasts longer than my regular milk--hmmm...

I had meatless chili tonight . . . (I piled it with regular old cheese, sour cream, and some freshly made cornbread muffins). So, it was healthy, in a 1000 calorie/bowl sort of way. Oh, one can of the beans was organic.

Leigh said...

I do not but it is certainly somethng to think about.

LG said...

YES YES YES All the way organic! Although it costs MUCH more! Makes a huge difference in many ways! For some really interesting dietary info go to google and search the halelujah diet which is all about organic and healthy eating in Bible terms.

Jessica said...

We buy some things... Wal-Mart has organic potatoes that are really good!