Friday, January 11, 2008

I'd like to thank the Academy...

So how excited was I when I was visiting Kelly's page and found out that I had won an award!!!! She had given me a Daily Dose Award. This award goes to blogs that you read on a daily basis.

So excited doesn't even begin to describe me. I guess I think that there are 3 or 4 people out there that read my blog (my husband being one of those). Needless to say, thanks Kelly. I read her blog everyday and I enjoy her decorating skillz (yes, I used a z), her love of the Lord, her recipes, and her devotion to reality TV. Need I say more?

I am going to give a Daily Dose Award to Laura. She was my "blogspiration"! HA! I read her blog everyday to check on her cute little "doggles" and her fashion finds! We attended Auburn University at the same time and even had lots of mutual friends though didn't hang out back in the day! Which is a shame, really, but we do lots of hanging out in the blogosphere and through the internet!

Also I have started reading Ask Kari & Kijsa around the beginning of December (I found them through BooMama). They are two sisters that are like decorating machines. If you need any decorating assistance, I highly recommend these talented two. Their posts are almost lyrical as well! And, oh the pictures, they are so pretty!!

So, go forth, and check out my daily doses!

P.S. I would also give one to Jessica but Kelly beat me to it:)!

EDITED: I have just starting reading From the Cheap Seats! She's a new mommy that is also taking the year off from teaching to be home with her sweet baby. HJ and her baby are so close in age! I have thoroughly enjoyed her writing.


Jessica said...

Ahhh! You are so sweet! Thanks bunches. I read your blog everyday and just live to hear about your cute lil' family! : )

LaskiGal said...

Another thing we have in common! I attended Auburn for a year when my hubby and I first got married and moved to Georgia (I lived in Columbus and made the commute every day). I loved it there!

Laura said...

Hooray! I get a Daily Dose award! Awesome! Thanks! Super Excited! (can you tell? ha)

Alexandra, Writing & Baking Enthusiast said...

Thank you for your kind words. I love that name Harper Jane. :)

LaskiGal said...

Yeah! Thanks for the shout out. I was just talking about my new bloggy buddies and how amazing it is to find people you have so much in common with.

Lindsey said...

Laskigal, WAR EAGLE to you! How funny! We do have lots in common. What years did you attend Auburn?