Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MM's Obsession

MM loves stuffed animals. I mean, she LOVES them. I'm not sure that LOVES can adequately describe her feelings for them. We take a few every place we go even if it is just to the mail box. I kid you not!

Beanie babies, Dollar Tree animals, finger puppets, etc.---she loves them.

My friend Amber's little girl Emma is just like her. Case in point, Emma got MM the Little Einstein's stuffed people for MM's birthday. It was the first present MM opened and y'all, she didn't want to open anything else. She picked up those Little Einsteins stuffed people and off she went...ready to go HOME!

So yesterday was my Tuesday outing with my mom and my grandmother. After lunch, I took the girls to (what is left of) the outlets near us. (I was looking for something to wear to my mother-in-law's wedding this weekend, but that's a whole other story...)

We walked by The Party Store and MM says, "We went in there one time Mommy."

I replied, "Yes, MM we did go in there."

MM, "You bought me a cute little, bitty pink puppy and I loved him so much. I lost him. Can we get another one?"

Y'all we bought that puppy 2 years ago (and we lost it this past summer). How does she remember where we bought him??? Much less, how, with all the stuffed animals that she owns, does she remember that THIS ONE puppy is MIA?

So the drama ensues. We go in and look for a pink puppy. As luck would have it, they don't sell them anymore. After all, it has been at least 2 years since I paid $1 for him that fateful day.

Off to The Dollar Tree to look for the blasted pink puppy. I could have said no but truly I would have heard about the pink puppy for weeks and I knew from experience, mind you, that my nerves could not take it. I've even had to find some of our "lost" animals on know, like the mini Beanie Babies that McDonald's gave out as prizes back in 1997 (the giraffe and rhino, in case you were wondering).

We found a pink puppy at the Dollar Tree though MM made sure to point out that this new puppy was bigger and had a red heart on him. Her first beloved puppy did NOT, but this puppy was going to be ok for today.

This morning first thing, and I do mean the first words out of her mouth, "Mommy where's my little bitty pink puppy you bought me a long time ago?"


Leigh said...

LOL!! She sounds adorable!

LaskiGal said...

Oh--super cute.

Talk about obsession with stuffed animals. Get this . . . before we were married, T (hubby) was in Georgia. He told me to start sending things to him before we moved down there so we could save on moving costs. I sent him one HUGE box of nothing but stuffed animals. Thank goodness he still married me!

Stefanie said...

I love it!!! And let me tell you, it never ends. I don't know how they remember the stuff they do. I just wish I had my son's memory. I would never lose anything!!!

mirandabodine said...

Too cute!!

Jessica said...

She has an incredible memory! Really, she does! : ) Maybe a career in law would suit her well! She would make the cutest little lawyer! : )

LG said...

That is hilarious! I must meet her. Kids memories always amaze me