Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Hairstyle, STAT!

I've been shopping around for a new hairstyle. I'm so afraid of going too short b/c really, how can I properly "mother" without a ponytail.

For that matter, how can a do anything properly without a ponytail.

I keep telling myself, "But it looks so cute on Katie." If you are wondering who Katie is, why, it's Katie Holmes. We are on a first name basis, yes we are.

I have been having hair turmoil (or so I thought) until I read BigMama's hair drama. She has the funniest blog about the evolution of her hair from the beginning, the very beginning of her life. And, y'all, it is truly a knee-slapper (I stole that word from my grandmother).

If you've got a few spare minutes today and are in need of a good laugh, read her blog entry. She is completing the evolutionary process with today's entry. It should be equally hysterical.

Her post left me wondering....what happened to all the banana clips?

Oh don't sit there and act like you DON'T know what I'm talking about.

Those clips made your hair look oh-so-stylish like this:

I wore them....oh yes I did. One with every outfit, perfectly coordinated. I knew early that it was all about the accessories. I even had one with faux diamonds. I was high class, really, I was.

I was left pondering...what funny hair drama have you had through the years? Or do you remember any funny hair accessories?

Please indulge me!

P.S. Christy (Oh-yes-I'm-talking-to-you), I'll never forgot your "wings" in 2nd grade, so very Farrah Fawcett. I was so jealous!

EDITED: Yes, I did also wear bows that were so big in size they competed with my head...also coordinating with my outfit....until at least, the 6th grade. I can see you now shaking your head. Poor little Lindsey!


Kelly said...

I LOVED Big Mama's post about her hair - I can't wait for the high school years. She has almost inspired me to do a hair post one day. I would have a lot of scanning to do.
Oh -I loved the banana clip!!! I wore a lot of those. I can't imagine wearing one now. ha!

Kelly said...

Oh - and I was in college during the big bow era. I think it's precious for little girls to wear big bows. But 20 year old girls - not so much. Why did we think that was cute?

mirandabodine said...

Oh Lindsey I have some good ole pics of us oh junior highish age I do believe....We both had curly hair in the back and somewhat puffy teased bangs in the front!! Oh and of course matching outfits..LOL

Jessica said...

I'm laughing at the bow comments! I wore them too- the bigger the better- with big hairsprayed bangs!

Christy said...

Aww...you remember my wings? My "personal" fav, was 7th grade when Dad wanted to cut wy hair with his brand new "Flow-Be" he ordered off TV in the wee hours of the morning. It was completely goofed, and mother had to take me to get a haircut before school the next day, were I asked to look like Chynna Phillips. You know, from Wilson Phillips...a 7th grader should never get a boy cut. I looked like on anyways, the hair didn't help. I could go on and on with hair horror stories...

LaskiGal said...

I had those clips and loved 'em. I had never colored my hair so I bought two with extra hair with "highlights" in them. I won't look at old pics because I don't want to be reminded of how dorky I looked.

I gave up the pony tail a long time ago. But am still searching for the ultimate hairstyle. I am thinking about a pixie, but I can't help but wonder if it'll just make me look like a nerdy junior high boy. I signed up for the free/trial at Makeover Solutions (I CAN'T believe I did that--my sisters would laugh their heads off since I'm supposedly too pragmatic to care about my hair) and boy was it scary. But . . . I admit, it was fun.

Leigh said...

AHHHHH! LOL! Yes, I too had the banana clip, and the teased bangs, the perm that looked like I stuck my hand in a light socket (Jon BOn Jovi rocked it! I thought I could) Even now....like when I tried to save $$ by coloring my own hair. Nope, evene more $$ psent on correction from my stylist.....pumpkin orange is not my shade.

Jamie said...

So funny!

Remember the ponytail on the side of your head phase? I think the majority of little girls that grew up in the 80s now have neck problems because of that fad.

Leigh said...

I so enjoy your blog, I added you to my blogroll!

LG said...

My Mother made me wear those HIDEOUS huge bows too!
I was gonna suggest Katie's hair for you before I saw you had already thought of that! ha
I am actually wearing a scrunchy in my hair right now! ha They are still cool in Graham world

Celeste said...

I finally found time to read your blog and just had to comment on the BOWS!! Before you ever got to the bow part, I had a mental picture of you and your BOWS!!! And I remember the Flow-Be hair-do too!We were all such GEEKS.