Saturday, January 19, 2008

Such a sad weather situation...

We were supposed to have snow this morning but not nary a snowflake fell here. We were so disappointed!

Not nearly as disappointed as our local weather man. He would give his right arm for devastating weather situations....such as spotting a "hook echo"!

Though we are still acting like it snowed. I'm not leaving the house, making home made chicken noodle soup, and trying to get little Mary Margaret on the mend (keeping her as far away from Harper Jane as possible)!!

MM is pitiful right now. Between the fever, cough, and achiness, she just wants to lie around and watch movies.

I'm all for granting those wishes!

And you know what else?

That's all I want to do too!


Wendy said...

We were a sad household as well! I have enjoyed reading your blog this crisp Sunday afternoon! Wendy

Jamie said...

We have been staying inside a lot this weekend too. Just to cold to be out and about.

Thanks for visiting our family's website!

LaskiGal said...

Our weather people are so aching for a major winter storm. You can almost hear it in their voices when we just have flurries. BUT, with the "deadly cold winter blast" that has hit our area, they are all smiles today.