Friday, January 4, 2008

TMI...maybe but funny just the same!

On New Year's Eve, MM started complaining that it was burning when she would teetee. The doctors' offices were closed so I started her on lots of cranberry juice. We were out to eat later that night (remember we had a rockin' eve with kids in tow).

MM had to go to the bathroom. I say, "Does your teetee still burn?"

MM: "No Momma, it's all cooled off."

So relax, out there, even our teetee is cool!


Leigh said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better. That is such misery!
Your blog is so cute!

Jessica said...

Ha ha ha!! Kids say the cutest things! Your daughter is just a complete doll! I am glad she is better though- those are no fun as a girl, no matter what age!

Have a great weekend Lindsey!