Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Toddler, she learns early!

Yes, I know. Another post about my dear Mary Margaret, but y'all she does say the funniest things. It is so easy to write about her EVERY day. So if you are tired of hearing about her, hit the back button now.

Today Mary Margaret was talking about a toy that she wanted Santa to bring her. I have tried to explain that Santa, my dear, has come and gone. We have a mere 354 days or so before he returns.

And totally seriously, she asked me, "Do you think Santa will bring me a gift card? I could sure use one to Wal-Mart."

Oh, yes, she did.


Jessica said...

Oh my!! A girl after my very own heart! You are raising her right!!! : )

LG said...

LOL! Smart girl! too cute. I must meet her!