Friday, January 25, 2008

Y'all I'm stressed!

I need to unload a little....

MM has been fighting a cold for about a week (which is not unusual when it comes to kids). When she gets a tough cold, she has some issues with her Guillain Barre. She has been having a little trouble climbing on the bed....I noticed b/c I am her mother and I am an OVER-REACTOR (or so my husband says). This "weakness" should clear up as soon as she gets better. We are on our 50th Disney movie. I believe you get to do and eat what you want while you are sick:). My momma always let me!

Also Harper Jane is sick! She is coughing terribly and her nose is a veritable fountain. She is pitiful. I am holding her non-stop.

I am also sick though there is not much I can take b/c I am still nursing HJ. We are a basket o' germs here at Casa de Douglas.

We just put our house on the market and y'all it was shown this morning and supposed to be shown 2 times tomorrow. We've gotten it all clean and "show-able" thanks to my hard-working husband....this has been adding to the stress.

I think I just need a little prayer. So if you don't mind send one up for the Douglas clan. We need it!


Celeste said...

I got an email yesterday that said if you would put vicks on the bottom of your feet and then socks that it would work better than cough syrup! Who knows? It's worth a try. Hope everyone gets better soon. Kalena is at CH she has chicken pox. They admitted her this morning. So say a little prayer for her too. Love you

Leigh said...

I am praying for you. It is rought when your children are sick and then on top all you have. Prayers to you.

LaskiGal said...

I'll keep you in my prayers! Prepping a house and sick kiddies has got to be tough.