Thursday, February 7, 2008

Let me catch you up!

Amber--This, my friend, is for you! She has been hounding, pestering, and nagging me about getting new pics up of the girls. So here you are and I love ya!

Mary Margaret demonstrates her need to have clean hands and clean face. She CAN NOT stand to be dirty! She's a prissy one, I tell ya!

Harper Jane in her Bumbo seat (present from her Poppa).

Mary Margaret with her cousin Clint. She is wearing her brand new Auburn Crocs from her cousins Katie and Bonnie (the Crocs still have the tags on them).

My cousin Bonnie, Me, my Nene, my sister Abbey, and my cousin Katie (Bonnie's sister) at Christmas.

Harper Jane in her Johnny Jump Up. Look at those skinny little legs!

Harper Jane and her gangsta lean!

Mary Margaret listening to her books on CD. Oh how do I love these! Let me count the ways!

Houston, we have feet!

Now AMBER, I know this one is a little blurry but I just had to include a NAKKID shot!

She definately has an adoration for that pappy!

I do love waking up to this face!

Mary Margaret while on the road to Louisville Friday morning, intently staring at her DVD player!

Mary Margaret ready for the wedding!

Harper Jane and her momma ready for the wedding!!

Momma and her girls!

MM loves her some good dental hygiene. Remember she doesn't want any "tavities"!


Leigh said...

adorable! Just look at those curls on MM! great fmaily pic

Jessica said...

Can I just say that MM has the prettiest hair- ever!!!!! : )

Kelly said...

Loved all the pictures - the girls are so cute! I love the dress MM wore to the wedding! (and you look cute also!!)
Thanks for sharing!

LaskiGal said...

Love X 10 those pictures!!! They are beautiful! OK, I know we've been over this, but when was Harper Jane born? J is drooling over her (OK, he always drools, but still . . . ). I have to post a pic of J in his Bumbo--I love kiddies in their Bumbos--so, so cute!

And you, my dearest little mommy, are ADORABLE!!!

Jamie said...

Love all the photos!

We love the Bumbo. Such a great thing!

just jamie said...

Such sweet little girlies. Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

hj has grown so much! mm is as cute as ever. you are truly blessed!