Friday, February 15, 2008

Mystery Solved

Today I went to get a massage (a gift from my sweet hubby). I was getting all relaxed and then the therapist asked me about a bruise. It was located between my shoulder blades. Y'all it was in the shape of a heart. Yes it was. A perfect littl heart. During the entire massage, I kept thinking "How weird is that?"

I came home, gave the girls baths, cooked supper, cleaned up, and then proceeded to shower....all the while, this weird bruise was in the back of my mind. All of a sudden it hit me, I remembered waking up and finding the pacifier under me one night this week.

It is a perfect heart, I tell ya. Apparently I go to great lengths to celebrate Valentine's Day!


Kelly said...

Only a mother................... ha!
Hope you enjoyed your massage!!!!!

Jen said...

That's great. Only a mom could have a story like that one.

I could use a massage about now. I'll go mention this to hubby :)

Leigh said...