Thursday, February 21, 2008


Check out my babies!

Click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

These pictures are from Ann Daniel's 3rd birthday party we attended on Monday. It was so cute. It was an animal extravaganza including a kangaroo, parrot, fox, and 2 monkeys. The kids had so much fun. Also there was a fabulous photographer named Jessi Chapman. Click HERE for her photography blog. She is fabulous! She is taking our pics in April and I can't wait. She has such great perspective and makes it so fun. I love the way she sees things!


Jen said...

You are absolutely gorgeous, and your children are beautiful.

I LOVE your face in the 4th and last one. Those are all great pics!

Kelly said...

You and your girls are all so cute - love the last one!!!!
Can't wait to see the pics you have taken - I bet they will be SO good!

Leigh said...

monkeys, snakes and kangaroos....Oh! MY! Sounds like a great party.

LaskiGal said...

OMG--how absolutely adorable!!! Beautiful--all of you!!!