Monday, February 25, 2008

A Raisin in the Sun

Did you watch this movie tonight? I did. I thought it was a really good interpretation. I was pleasantly surprised at P. Diddy or Sean John or Puff Daddy or whatever he is now called (at least his name is not a symbol like Prince). I'll watch about anything that Claire Huxtable stars in....I still watch her in Cosby reruns.

Speaking of reruns, I can still watch every single Sex and the City, even though I've seen them time and time again. What reruns could you watch over and over??

Anyway, this weekend was very low key. M had class on Saturday so I took the girls (by myself) and went shopping. We had fun. It was a total girls day. I'm brave, I tell ya. I bought the girls lots of matching pajamas. Have I told y'all that I love to match the girls' clothes?? It's an addiction. I think it is so cute for my sweet girls to be all matchy matchy. I better enjoy it now b/c pretty soon MM will NOT want to match her little sis.

Today, we walked to down town and had a great time. We window shopped. The weather was great. I'm beginning to wish for spring:)

Tomorrow we go eat with my mom and grandmother....remember it's a Tuesday tradition. And this weekend we are off to Auburn. I'm already feeling nostalgic.

I hope y'all had a great weekend!


Kelly said...

I love that you match the girls up - I would do the same thing! And I would take a picture of them in EVERY matching outfit! :-)
That's neat that you eat with your mom and grandmother every week. I wish I could do that.
One day I want to go to Auburn to see a game (against AR) - I've heard it's such a neat place! I know about Toomer's Corner. :-)

LaskiGal said...

Ooooh... I recorded Raisin. I taught the play last year and the year before. I really loved it. I was skeptical about Puffy (whatever his name is, was, is going to be), but I hear he is impressive.

How cute about the matching clothes. My younger sisters used to do that. It was so cute . . .

I love the tradition--to Auburn you go. Gosh, I miss it. Both hubby and I do . . . a lot.

Jen said...

"matchy matchy" That is too cute! Must be nice to have some girly time (not that I would know...).

Have a safe trip to Auburn this weekend!

just jamie said...

I sooo wanted to watch A Raisin In The Sun...We moved and my DVR box didn't record the Oscars or A Raisin. I'm so bummed.