Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Random Post: H2O and American Idol and Baby Food

There are conflicting reports on how much water one should drink. Do you drink a certain amount of water every day?? I used to and it helped me lose weight (I was drinking almost a gallon a day during that time). I do know that drinking cold water burns more calories than drinking lukewarm water b/c your body has to warm it up while it moves through your system. I also realize that many headaches are brought on b/c of dehydration. I guess I'm blogging about this b/c I want to get back on my water "kick" and I think this post might hold me a accountable. We'll see. How much water do you drink? Do you drink a certain amount consistently every day?? (This is my problem, I'm not consistent).


I tried to watch American Idol last night. We were addicted to AI for the first several seasons until last year. Then last year, I was so over it. So we didn't watch last year, but this year I'm kind of missing it. I tried to watch it last night though I found it hard watching b/c I didn't know background info for the contestants. I need to feel like I know them and I didn't feel that way. I've decided that I will begin watching when the field has been narrowed down to the 12. Besides I was way into the Democratic Debate last night and AI was going to interfere with my viewing pleasure of Hillary and Barack. Did you watch the debate or did you watch AI? If you did watch the debate, what did you think??


Harper Jane is now eating some baby food and it is delightful watching her. She gets so excited and tried to help you get the spoon in her mouth. It's almost like I'm not fast enough. Too funny! She loves bananas and peaches mixed together.

Now on a green note, should I be buying organic baby food??


Kelly said...

I don't like water. There I said it. I have to force myself to drink it. Yuck! But I'm really trying.
I LOVE American Idol. LOVE it! You are getting in just at the right time - start with the top 12 and you will be hooked!

LG said...

Water is very good, although I drink Vitamin water most of the time.. Probably 3 a day so like 48oz.. there is a such thing as too much water though..
I am watching Idol. and i am sooooo irritated with all the boo hoo amnd attitude. I could go on and on. (i'll spare you)

RJTrue said...

I need to drink so so much more water! If I work out hard I get the WORST headache ever because I'm dehydrated. UGH! I have my Dasani next to me right now.

Thanks for your advice. How is this so dang difficult?!?! I'm trying to follow what you said ... I am grateful, so grateful for your words.

Hugs to you!

LaskiGal said...

Ugh . . . when you find out more about the hot/warm/cold water thing, let me know.

As for AI--well, you know how I feel about that. I think the only reason I continue to write the reviews is because I have major OCD and can't stop something once I've started . . .

And I am wondering about organic as well. I am NOT buying ALL organic right now. My sis-in-law, an organic FREAK (she also is a pt and has a background with child dev--so I trust her) told me that the laws are so stringent with baby food, that it is actually OK. Plus, did you notice how organic varieties are up to 40 cents more expensive???

She told me that when we move beyond stage two foods that it would be best to use our Bullet(she got us one for my shower) and start making our own out of organic foods. It might be a lot more work, though she says it won't be, but it will be healthier and much more cost-effective.

J's on squash, sweet potatoes, and green beans. He gets sweet peas next. We haven't tried fruits, but that's comin' up! I'm really finding the changes in the diaper droppings to be rather exciting. Hee hee . . .

LaskiGal said...

OMG--that was a long post. Just had to say :)

Nikki said...

I was glad to read laskigal's post about organic food. I have bought organic baby food so far b/c I looked at the ingredients of the same foods (organic vs. not organic) and the non-organic foods do have more things in them. The organic foods only have water and the food in it (apple sauce does have some extra vit. c added to it). So far, Caroline has only eaten organic foods, but if there are such stringent laws on baby foods, then who knows which is best? Any thoughts?