Sunday, February 10, 2008

Retorts from the Toddler

Today, while I am in the midst of changing a diaper (I won't go into the contents), MM frantically called me.

"Mommy, turn on the lights in the ba-f-room. I gooooooootttttta go!"

See the lights in the bathroom are too high for her to reach with out her stool and apparently there was NO time for using the stool.

I replied, "MM I can't right now. You can do it! You are a big girl!"

(Clearly I believe that I can positively reinforce her to use the stool. I am sadly mistaken.)

MM retorts, "I can't. I haven't grown into my arms yet."

She wins.....and it's early for her to be winning.


Kelly said...

Kids are so smart! :-)

Leigh said...

hahahahahahaahhahahhahaha! I hope you are keeping records of all this. To cute!

mirandabodine said...

HaHa!! I took a big gulp of coffee (mistake)right when I started reading...needless to say I spewed(sp?) the coffee!! That is hillarious!!