Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Road Trip Part I

Last Thursday, we set off on our journey to Louisville, Kentucky. Michael's mom was getting re-married (Michael's Dad passed away in '06). She dropped everything and moved from her hometown of Auburn to Louisville, shocking us all. Though we all wanted her happiness and oh is she happy....so we are happy.

Anyway, we left out Thursday afternoon. We decided to eat in Huntsville at Shogun (one of our faves). Mary Margaret does enjoy the onion VOL-CAN-O. By that time, it was POURING rain, like cats and dogs kind of rain. I mean, it was so bad we were hydroplaning and couldn't see. I had also forgotten to remind Michael that my windshield wipers weren't that good. But who ever remembers such details unless it is raining.

We were planning on stopping on the southern side of Nashville and spending the night. Anyone that has traveled with little ones, knows that it is imperative to break up a long trip (especially when the baby is still being nursed).

The girls fell asleep right outside of Huntsville so Michael and I actually had time to chat. Even through the scary rain, I so enjoyed just talking to him. We get so busy and thoroughly immersed in the girls that we forget to talk. Oh how we reminisced and I got all nostalgic. We just talked about the beginning of our relationship and how everyone doubted us. We knew pretty quickly that we wanted to get married and many people thought we were crazy because we didn't date for very long. We talked about the few trips we took before the girls came. We talked about our life before the girls arrived and how full our life seems now. Let me just say, it was SO wonderful. The girls just slept and we just talked....all the way to Nashville.

By that time, it was getting pretty late and we were ready to find a place to stay. Well, I'm just a wee bit picky about where I will stay. So I saw a place in Franklin, TN that I thought looked nice, but by the time I saw it we had passed it. So we had to turn around and go back.

Michael went into the hotel. I woke up Mary Margaret gently. I knew that we would have a room. I mean, really, it was a Thurday night in Franklin, TN. He came right back out.

No room. I was disappointed not only b/c I was tired but also b/c I had gotten MM out of a deep sleep and now she was whining. Whining while we were driving in the rain. Not a good combination.

We ventured to the next possible hotel. Michael went in. He came out after about 10 minutes. I seriously thought we had a room, but no. There was a hospitality room that we could use. It was a pull out sofa. Michael quoted, "I don't want to sleep on the hide-a-bed with Fuller." (quote from Home Alone). How could 4 people sleep on a pull-out. Yes we have a family bed and all sleep together. NO judgements, please. It just works for us.

Apparently, there was a figure skating competition and there were no rooms to be had on the southern side of Nashville. Michael finally figured that out after we stopped 2 more times and he kept seeing all these young girls in matching warm up suits.

So what did we do? Press on, young man.

We got back on the interstate. We drove almost an hour and decided to stop in Franklin, KY. We pulled in right before another car. I turned to Michael and said, "Run and get a room before this guy."

Thankfully he beat him into the hotel. We got the last non-smoking room!!! We ended our night watching Hilary and Obama answer questions. I fell asleep pretty quickly:)

It was beginning to look like our trip to Kentucky was going to be an adventure. This is just the first installment. More to come....

P.S. I tried to use the spell check, but to no avail. Please accept my apology if you find any words that are misspelled.


Nap Warden said...

Hi, sounds like quite a trip...I can't get the spellcheck to work on Blogger lately, is that just me? Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kelly said...

I like to get my husband alone in the car - it's one of the only times we really sit and just talk. :-)
Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

ashleydiggs said...

How much fun! I can't wait to hear the rest of the adventures! Oh, and I don't ever use spell check....guess that shows how much I care!

Amber said...

Okay, lovely story but where are the pictures? It has been so long I probably won't recognize HJ! I can't wait to hear about the wedding.

Leigh said...

I hate spell check isnt working. Mine either.

Gald you got a room and congrats to your mom in law.

LaskiGal said...

I have to say--I too am really picky about where I stay--I am dubbed "The Hotel Snob." Don't care. I even bring a thing of Clorox wipes and extra slippers/socks just for hotel floors. Can you say "freak"?

We are off to travel with J AGAIN--back to Michigan. Another 6+ hour trip with a baby. Yeah!!!

It was wonderful that you had that time to talk. So often it is hard to find time to just share with one another--time alone (or with sleeping children nearby) is such a rarity. I love when we talk about our past . . . regardless of how often we've talked about it before. It makes me remember how much I love him. *sniff*

Jessica said...

My spell check is out of comission too! Stinks! : ) I love Shogun.. and I love roadtrips! What fun memories for the whole crew! : )

LG said...

You guys TOTALLY should have called and stayed with us! FUN
I cant get spell check to work on my blog lately either! something must be up

Jen said...

I related with your story about everyone doubting you two when you wanted to get married. We have a similar story, but it involves me getting pregnant my first semester in college...getting married at 18, and having my first boy at 19. Doubting us was the nicest thing most people did! It's eight years later, we're still married, and have two more healthy boys! What more could a gal want??

Safe travels!

LaskiGal said...

Can't wait to hear more about your trip!!!