Thursday, February 7, 2008

Road Trip Part II

So we had finally found a decent room. We started our Friday morning at Cracker Barrel. You know you are in the South when every 2 miles down the interstate you can spot some good ole' country cookin' at the Cracker Barrel. MM loves eating there b/c they have that game at the table AND they have BEANIE BABIES! Yes, indeedy, it is her favorite.

Of course, I gave in and bought 1 animal, ok maybe 2, but only 2 (during that visit at least).

We finally made it to Louisville. Michael's mom needed us to help decorate the church. I wasn't very much help. I had an infant attached to me but Michael certainly did his part. MM did too. She ran around as fast as she could:) b/c that's just what children do that have been in the car the last 2 hours. Ok, so maybe, she would have done that even if we hadn't been in the car so long. She's energetic, that one.

The hotel room was calling my name again. We were then on Eastern time, which I hate. I mean, I LOATHE Eastern time, I really, really do. We lived on Eastern time during our one year in the Peach State and that was enough! We stayed at the Hyatt down town in a 3 bedroom suite, very swanky. My brother-in-law booked the place and he goes "big"! It was oh-so-nice. Here's a shot of our view:

MM took to the running around as soon as we arrived. It was just like home. HA!

We had dinner that night with the bride's family (all of us) and the groom's family (he has 3 adult daughters with kids). It was an interesting meal, to say the least. I had the girls dressed alike in their smocked bishop dresses. Here is MM and her Daddy while we waited in the car!

The wedding took place on Saturday and it was great. We were all dressed up. The girls were too cute. We then headed back to the hotel, changed clothes, and went to dinner. We went to an English pub and we were able to walk there. It was SO cold. Michael's Mom's best friend went with us, Mrs. Beth. She is a retired school teacher and is just the sweetest little thing ever. Here's a shot of her below:

We came home on Sunday. Boy, was it a long drive! We all sleep better at home!


grizaham said...

Laura and I stayed at that Hyatt a few months ago! We love Hyatts and Louisville and I also have a strong dislike of the eastern timezone...