Sunday, February 10, 2008

TV and Toddlers

I wrestle daily with the question "How much TV is too much for MM?" She loves the TV (wonder where she gets this from) and there are many educational shows that she watches, though she would watch TV ALL. DAY. LONG. Seriously.

I mean, we love to sit down as a family and watch Disney movies. MM loves The Sound of Music, Annie, and several other musicals and these are at least 2 hours long.

I know that I watched TV growing up (even Dallas and Dynasty when I was 4....I still can't believe I got to watch these shows). I did very well in school and my attention span was fine.

How much TV is too much? How much TV did you watch growing up? Give me your honest opinion.


LG said...

In my honest opinion, I think TV as Ok under 2 conditions:
1- that parents dont use it as a babysitter or let it go unmonitored on the content
2 - the kid/s are getting enough exercise.. and not sitting and learning to be lazy at a young age.

I watched lots of Tv and Designing Women and Dynasty and Murphy Brown! ha and I turned out OK!
I am sure MM is Ok with her Tv watching!

LaskiGal said...

OK--I watch TV. I watch it now. It is on A LOT. I can't lie. I like noise. Sound. I like feeling like Diane Sawyer is in the living room. And later, I hang out with Matt Lauer (I DVR), then the gang from Fox and Friends (I DVR that as well). We won't even get into the nighttime shows. It is background for me. I turn it off when J and I play, but the minute he is busy with his Exersaucer or gnawing on a toy--clearly losing interest in me--I turn it on and continue to fold clothes.

As for when I was a kid--I was outside ALL the time--EXCEPT at night--I watched TV!!! From Brady Bunch to the Cosby Show to 227 and Golden Girls--I was a night TV junkie. I think I'm OK--no issues (that I know of).