Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vocabulary Lesson Part II

MM loves to run....doesn't matter where. She just loves to run. This afternoon I got on to her several times for running around and around our house while HJ was sleeping. MM's feet were pounding the wood floors and HJ likes it quiet when she is sleeping. Quiet is very hard to find in our house.

Anyhoo, tonight I challenged MM to run as fast and as long as she wanted. She said she was going to run a race in our house. Go for it, I thought, wear yourself out!

Apparently after much running, she found me to tell me, "Mommy I am out of synergy now. I need to take a rest."

So there it is friends, synergy and I need some!


mirandabodine said...

How funny is that!! Tonight, while eating mexican with Carleigh we ran across a MM wannabe...blonde headed version of MM that is. She was singing "I'm getting nuttin for Christmas" and then she stopped mid sentence to tell her mommy that she wanted some of that Tabulous cheezy jello wif her chips. Made me think of ya'll.

david mcmahon said...

Quiet is impossible! I have three kids and I get worried when our house is quiet!!

Leigh said...

you and I both!