Monday, March 24, 2008


So Saturday I ran around like crazy loon looking for MM some white Easter shoes. I tried several places and it took forever b/c I am hop-a-long with my current foot injury. I mean, seriously it took me forever to walk from the parking lot into a store. My mom went with me to help with the girls, thankfully. So I found some shoes after a 3 hour hunt. Shoes, check.

Then I checked in (what I call) the "way-back" of my SUV.....the Easter chocolate had melted. MELTED, I was shocked. It's March, people, chocolate should not melt in the car in MARCH. Off to Wal-Mart the day before Easter. I DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT recommend going to Wal-Mart the day before ANY holiday. Don't do it, don't do it, no matter what. Anyway, I found the Reese's Chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies. Chocolate, check.

We were all ready for the big day. I laid everything out the night before, tights, shoes, baskets, carrots (you know, for the Easter bunny), my outfit, everything was ready.

We wake up Easter morning. MM was so excited and loved all her surprises. She gave me a hug. I felt her head. Uh-oh! She was running a low grade fever. I don't know about you but when she has a fever, we don't go anywhere. I get really peeved when other parents bring their children to public places when the child is running a fever. PEEVED b/c we normally all catch that fever.

So we had the matching dresses, white Easter shoes, and a fever. No church, not for us. I was so disappointed, so very disappointed. We didn't even have an egg hunt yesterday. At least, we had the chocolate.

P.S. My sister, Abbey, surprised my Mom by coming home from Auburn on Saturday night. I knew she was coming and had to be on my toes when Mom and I were out shopping. I almost let it slip a few times. We enjoyed dinner out together Saturday night (Mexican food-yummy)! She had to go back yesterday and I miss her already!!!


Lori said...

sorry your holiday didn't go as planned! hope your little one is feeling a lot better now

just jamie said...

Wow. You are a much more considerate Mommy than I. I don't know if I could have held off on showing off the cute Easter dress.

Easter do-over ... at least for the pictures.

Feel better MM.

Misty said...

We've got the fevers, too, over here.

Pooh on the fever. Pooh on it all.