Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just call me Sherlock

The chocolate cookies had been missing for at least 2 days. I couldn't find them and this I was mesmerized by, at first. Then it became a mission. Where in the world were the chocolate cookies?? I asked my dear husband, convinced that he had eaten them all.

But all to no avail. He had not seen or eaten the chocolate cookies.

The investigation went a little like this:

Sunday afternoon: cookies missing; looked all over pantry and kitchen

Sunday night: no cookies; rechecked pantry, kitchen, and this time I checked the living room

Monday all day long: no cookies; rechecked all the aforementioned places and then proceeded to check my bedroom

Monday night: still no cookies; almost given up because I had such a feeling of dispair

This morning, that's right friends, still no cookies. I was now resigned just to go buy some more.

Tuesday afternoon: cookies were found! YIPPEE!

You might just be asking yourself, where, o where, did you find the cookies??

Well, my dear bloggy friends, I found them in the most logical of places...where all chocolate loving 4 year olds hide their favorite snacks, in their closets! Never fear, there were still some left and matter of fact, I'm enjoying one now much to my 4 year old daughter's dismay. She wanted them all for herself. You see, in our family, sharing doesn't cover anything chocolate. It's every man, woman, or child, for themselves.


Jennifer said...

I love your blog mainly the part about Auburn. I love Auburn. I need your email so I can add you to my list of readers I got your blog from kellys

Kelly said...

A girl after my own heart!!!!

Leigh said...

confession, My name is Leigh and I too hide in the closet and eat chocolate cookies.....

LaskiGal said...

This kills me! I too am a hider of cookies, chips, candy . . .

OK, so your comment on my post pretty much clinched it for me. We need to start e-mailing. We share way too much in common!


We can talk about our awesome sleeping arrangements!

Misty said...

Hi. My name is Misty. And I am a chocoholic.

I'm bouncing over from Laski's blog.

Great post. I am still giggling.

just jamie said...

And the problem with hiding chocolate is .... ?

(Smart family)

LG said...

That is HILARIOUS. what a sneaky (smart) girl! ha