Thursday, March 27, 2008

Randomness at its best

Mary Margaret's Thursday Night Prayers:

"Please be with Mommy and Daddy. Keep them safe and watch over them. Please be with me. Help me to mind my Mommy and not get a spanking again. Help me not act ugly. Please be with HJ. Please help her not to cry so much tomorrow....."

I almost busted out laughing several times. The giggling, well, it started with spanking. She is too much.

I guess you can tell we had a rough day today. MM does not do well when she does not get her full sleep time. She has been staying up too late this week and I'm guilty. By golly, she is getting her sleep tonight. Whew! I thought I was going to lose my sanity today. Ever have one of those days??


On another note I went to the eye doctor today. I have worn glasses/contacts for 18 years. Today the eye doctor (not my normal one) drove me crazy. Wait, did I mention that I was little bit on edge today. Here were the words uttered during the exam:





It went on like this for awhile.

Personality was not a strong suit for him....I'm being harsh. Today, his personality did not reflect an extroverted type. Is that better? Anyhoo, I have new contacts and I'm getting new glasses soon. I normally order from THIS website called Really eye glasses are $39 (my last pair was a little more b/c I wanted the non-glare lens). I hate to spend a lot on glasses b/c #1. My eyes are constantly changing (i.e. getting worse), #2. I'm extremely hard on glasses. I fall asleep in them, sit on them or someone else (AKA MM) breaks them (accidentally, of course), etc., and #3. I don't wear them very often.


I am a big Paula Deen fan. Love to watch her on TV, love it, love it, love it. Love her recipes. I am dying to go eat in her restaurant, meet her, and become her BFF. Now, I realize that the last item on my list is probably not going to happen so I started reading her memoir and I'm really enjoying it. She has mixed in a few of her favorite recipes throughout the book. Do you watch the Food Network?? I'm watching as I type this. HA! If you do, who is your favorite chef??


Misty said...

I like the Naked Chef..... *giggle,giggle*....

If you can't be Paula's BFF, maybe you can be mine. (wink)

And have I ever had "one of those days"?? With a 7, 5, and 2 year old... EVERY days is one of those days..... **sigh**

Cute post today!

LaskiGal said...

Oh, I'm so with Misty. The Naked Chef--Yummo. Oh, and that guy who finds you in the supermarket, goes home and cooks a meal with you. Him. Yeah, him. Yum.

But, Paula. I LOVE her. She is comfy cookin' at its best!

J is having sleeping issues during the day. Actually, I think it is me. I get caught up and throw off his schedule. I am resolved to do better tomorrow . . .

Melissa said...

I found your blog through Julie's... I LOVE PAULA DEAN!! she is so funny! I told my fiance that I wanted to be friends with her :) he rolled his eyes and thought I was crazy! But doesn't she just give off that vibe of "i can be your BFF"??? Anyways...nice to meet you! :)

Lori said...

Blake has days like that where he didn't sleep and/or nap well and then is just a pill to be around. I think it's part of being a mom that we get to deal with that

me I'm a big Rachael Ray fan... I loveee her food and would love to meet her

Kelly said...

Glad you got new glasses.
I am CRAZY about Paula Deen. I want to go to Savannah so bad. I just watch her and think "we would SO be BFF if we could just meet!" Everything she makes is DELICIOUS (and so not healthy - but who cares? ha!)
Let's go to Savannah and hang out with her!!!!

RJTrue said...

LOVE the prayer! I would've laughed too!

I think Paula is so sweet. I don't have a favorite on the food network, I just like salivating over all the yummy goodness!

Hope you're great :)

Jamie said...

Love that prayer! So cute!

Leigh said...

I LOVE Paula too. I wanna be her BFF. Boy! She has alot of "franz".
I also like Giada Delorintias (Everyday Italian).
Girl, with three kids, I have "those kinda days" alot. Hang in there. You're not alone. Maybe we need to start a support group?

LG said...

Good Post! That Prayer made me laugh alot. she is really funny. I loved the glasses site too cause I am the same way and always in need of a good pair of cheap glasses.
It totally tickles me that I want to be BFF with Nicole ritchie and you want to be BFF with Paula Dean ! ha maybe i need to grow up some

Misty said...

Sorry for the lame comment I'm about to leave:

If you tried to add me to Google Blog Reader yesterday, there was a problem with it... my site should link up to your reader now!

jennifer said...

Love sweetie pea's prayers. My prayers sound a lot like that at times. "Lord, I'm sorry I acted like a toddler when I didn't get my way today."

I am an Alabama blogger too, by the way!!


Melek said...

im a Rachael Ray fan...for the recipes...not so much for her Rachael-isms. "EVOO" gets old after a while. And i got to see her in person! she came to Sur La Table nearby and we snuck in to get a pic. she's TINY!