Wednesday, March 5, 2008

MM's Vocabulary Words Again

So we are waiting at the Mellow Mushroom to eat. MM loves to go to restaurants (wonder where she gets this from?). She remembered eating there and starting asking me questions.

"Are you going to eat pizza?"

"Yes, darling, we are."

"Momma, I want the turndraw."


"I want the turndraw."

"What are you saying?"

"I want the turndraw please. The TURNDRAW! Momma, I want the TURNDRAW. The TURNDRAW please!!!!!!!!"

I was all like needing a translator! Finally I figured out that she wanted the Etch a Sketch. Remember those? Yes, she named it the turndraw and she remembered that Mellow Mushroom gives these to kids to play with during the meal. Isn't that a fab idea instead of crayons and paper?


Leigh said...

Turndraw! How cute....and indeed it is!

I Loooovvvveeeee Mellowmushroom.
Hope your trip to AU was good. My hubby is an alumni too. I think he graduated in 92.

mirandabodine said...

Mellow Mushroooooooooom is coming to H'vegas!! I'm super excited bout it