Thursday, March 6, 2008

Now I know why I'm such a list maker.

I've said since I gave birth to MM that my child (now children) snacked on my brain cells. Well guess what?? It now has a name, "Momnesia." Read THIS article. It's now all scientific. Whew! I feel better already....Now what was I saying?


Leigh said...

I have the dreaded momnesia too. I went to my GYN and was just so upset. I asked him to give me an early alzheimers test. He asked my sptoms which I rambled off :forgetfulness (ex hallmark cards in the drawer of my fridge crisper), driving and not remembering the past few miles, forgetting important schedules, etc.
He said, "Leigh, I know exactly what is wrong with you!"
Concerned, I said, "What?
"YOu have three kids and a busy life. It happens to alot of moms."
(There are still some days I wonder.)

mirandabodine said...

Imagine having momnesia and going back to school!! I have had to reprogram my brain didn't like that too much. Ha! Oh the `eclat of being a mommy.