Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WARNING: Another MM Post

Yes it is another MM post! Press the back button if you are tired of these. You have been warned:)

Today MM wanted to wear this babydoll dress with leggings. It is pink with a lamb appliqued on it with the words, "The Lord is my sherpherd." (NOTE: If you were to ask her what her shirt says, she would tell you, "The Ward is my shepherd.") Oh yes she would! It is truly a precious little comfy outfit. So I am explaining to her that Jesus is the Lamb of God.

"Well Mommy, I'll be his donkey." she responded.

So immediately I start running through all the crevices of my brain trying to figure out, why oh why would MM want to be his donkey? I failed and finally asked her. Thinking apparently is not a strong suit of mine lately.

"Why do you want to be his donkey?"

"You know like Small One."

You see, Small One was the donkey in a cartoon from Mickey's Christmas Carol DVD. Small One is the donkey that carries Mary into Bethelehem on that wonderful Christmas night. Big job with big responsibilities!

I was touched that she would respond that way.

It was funny though, wasn't it?

"I'll be his donkey."


Kelly said...

In our 4 year old Sunday School class last week - I had the kids act out palm Sunday. One kid was Jesus, one kid the donkey he rode on and the other people were the town people shaking the palm leaves. Guess what all 10 kids wanted to be? The donkey! That is what this story reminded me of. SO SWEET!
I knew your girls would have matching smocked dresses. I just knew it! Take their picture!
P.S. You SO DO need Tivo! It has changed my life !ha!

Misty said...

That actually is very profound when you think about it. Maybe we all should be willing to be Jesus's donkey...... Although sounds funny to say it (wink).

Lori said...

it is amazing the connections little one's make and how they get where they are in their thought process

Leigh said...

Adorable!! And so sweet that she thinks like that. What a blessing she is.

Who's Sweet On You? said...

TOO cute!!! Im in alabama too and have all girls.:)

Scott said...

Children think of the greatest things. I am going to help out with the 4 and 5 year old Sunday School class and I can't wait to hear what the little ones say! Jesus also rode a donkey on Palm Sunday!

LaskiGal said...

Could she be any sweeter??? I love MM posts!

Nikki said...

I LOVE reading the "MM Posts!" She has a heart of gold!

LG said...

One of the cutest MM blogs yet! I hope you print this each month so she can read it one day!