Monday, April 7, 2008

More MM-isms

IF YOU ARE SICK OF READING ABOUT MY 4 YEAR OLD, JUST PRESS THE BACK BUTTON. My life has been a little boring as of late (How fabulous) and she is my only "fluffy" material. I'm not quite ready for some heavier topics....such as current gas prices, the recession, Britney Spears' mental illness, politics, Darfur, immigration, etc. so y'all just bear with me.

I have a lot of blooming tulips (I realize that sounds bad--"blooming tulips," but I think it is funny) in our backyard. They are wonderful! I love them and so does MM. She wants to pick them all. I mean, every last one of them.

This afternoon, we were walking around our block. We do that a lot. She saw a tulip in our neighbor's yard.

MM: Hey Mommy, there is another tu-lip. Hey, why do they call them tulips? I don't see their two lips?!

I had no response. I mean really, what could I say?


Tonight we were snuggling in my bed. She was supposed to be going to sleep. I got on to her and reminded her to "rest" her eyes.

MM: Mommy, I AM dreaming. I am dreaming of being a television star.

OH MY GOODNESS! Where does she come up with these things?


Misty said...

Darling again......

LaskiGal said...

Oh, a TV star! I'm sure she means she'll do that AFTER becoming a rocket scientist!

BTW, I love your "fluff"!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Heh - the first time I read the sentence "blooming tulips" I thought you meant blooming to be negative. Like "Why the hell are there so many bloomin' tulips around here?" Just thought I'd share.

just jamie said...

What a sweet little one. She seems to have the fire and spirit to do anything. Gotta love that.

Jamie said...

That tuLIP comment is priceless!

Kelly said...

MM is SO sweet!!! I'm so glad you are writing this all down so you will remember!!!

Bella said...

TWO CUTE on the TWO-LIPS! Darling...out of the mouth of little minds..very sweet!

Leigh said...

MM is a doll!