Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blogger's Block


I've got it.

Nothing to report, no funny stories to tell, no drama.




Though sometimes I like my life to be boring. What does that mean? Does that show my age?

Do you ever run out of things to write about?


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Oddly, I never run out of material. While I like to think that this is because I'm undeniably witty, it's far more likely that it's because I'm a depraved individual and just see the perversity in my daily existence.

Misty said...

Some times I do, some times I don't. Some times I post every day, some times just a couple times a week. Some times I write, some times I share pictures...... we love what ever you come up with.

And, yes..... I'm totally ok right where I am, as well - - boring or not.

just jamie said...

Usually I have these BRILLIANT ideas floating around in my head at night, just as I'm falling asleep. I am amazed at the eloquence of thought, sequence of ideas, and gorgeous prose popping in and out of my mind. I will myself to get up, write it down, remember it. Instead, I sleep.

Ha. Then I wake up. And ... nothing. It's all gone.

Maybe it was a dream that I was brilliant. :) Must have been.

Julie said...

I sometimes struggle with what to write. At times I have nothing and then at other times I feel like what I might have to share would be boring to others!!

ashleydiggs said...

Why do you think I took up photography?! Just kidding!

Melek said...

i have fantastic blog ideas in the car. then i get home, and it's all gone. i think most of those ideas tho are about crappy drivers around me. :)

maybe you should go fall down outside then blog about your knee scar. or break something in the house and photograph the carnage and blog about it. or start a '100 things you didnt know about me' list and do 10 things a day. i did that once...took me months to finish, but i had material! :)

Leigh said...

Y-E-S!!!! I have started making a notebook of ideas for just such occassions. I take it everywhere so I don't forget.

Kelly said...

I had to ask for questions this week to have something to blog about - ha!
How did you meet your husband? Tell us about your first date and when you knew he was the ONE and your wedding. And where did you go on your honeymoon? and how did you tell you were pregnant with MM and with HJ?
There are some questions for YOU!

LaskiGal said...

Nope . . . never run out of brilliant things to write about. Gosh, I am so LYING. Or, I'm talking about someone else . . .

I think all the time, "I should blog about that," but by the time I'm sitting at the computer, whatever it was I thought I should blog about goes flying out of my brain--You know, momnesia and all.

Your life is NOT boring . . . is it contentedly fulfilling . . . can I say that???