Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Food for thought

Have you ever tried to feed an octopus?

No? Really?

Have you ever tried to dress an octopus? Nope?

Well I have. HJ is officially an octopus.

And trying to change her diaper. Oh. My. Goodness.

Now that she knows how to move 'n groove and shimmy 'n shake and crawl everywhere, it has become a MAJAH task to dress, change her diaper, and feed her.

I'm just glad I have pretty good aim during feeding time. She is so fast, that one. I feel like I need a nap after changing her clothes. Whew! It really feels like I am fighting 8 appendages.


Tonight I put a little mask on M's nose. Later on, he was going to sleep. Out of the blue, he asked me to buy some new pillows. He changed pillows like 3 different times. I finally asked him what was going on. He said that all the pillows were stinky.

I reminded him that he still had the mask on his nose and when he would press his face against the pillow, he would get a great big whiff of the mask! We got a great laugh out of it.


I was watching Martha Stewart recently and she totally said, "I'm going to blog this." I thought it was hysterical and know my bloggy friends will appreciate it:)


Necessity is the mother of invention:
Tonight I went to McDonald's with my sweet teacher friend, April, and her 2 precious kiddos. I just got to thinking "Why doesn't our local Mexican restaurant have a huge indoor playground??"

At least then, I could enjoy a good margarita, er I mean, some tasty cheese dip while I watch Mary Margaret wear herself out on the jungle gym.


Lori said...

I so hear you on the dressing an octopus... Blake has gotten better, but a few months ago I swore I was going to have to grow a few extra arms myself to change him

LaskiGal said...

I LOVE Mexican food . . . you are so right about that outdoor playground!

OK, I so get you about the octopus--and octopus on SPEED!!! That's J. I often think back to when he would just sit and look around. Not anymore. Gone are those days.

I saw a mommy and her soon to be 8-month-old and he was just SITTING. STARING. OBSERVING. J was wriggling, waving, giggling, talking to himself. Ugh. So much for the peaceful walk in the park (but, I wouldn't have it any other way!).

Katie said...

Oh yeah...dressing, changing, feeding an octopus...I got one of those! I feel your pain!

What a great idea for a giant jungle gym in the Mexican restaurant...um, yeah, why haven't they done this yet??? More money would probably definitely be spent on marg, I mean, cheese dip!

I love how you said "MAJAH." I've been saying it like that to my husband after I heard Victoria Beckham say "major" and it came out like that...hahaha!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I TOTALLY agree on the Mexican restaurant with a playground inside. I mean, why does the food at Chuck E Cheese have to be so ick? If the pizza were good and they served booze, I'd be at Chuck E Cheese every damn weekend.

Also, I'm having major issues dressing Sumo Baby, these days, too . . . mainly because he decided he no longer wants to lie on his back at all, so every time I try to lean him back he starts screaming like I've rammed a poker in his eye.

LG said...

Yes KUDOS on the "MAJAH" b/c I too have been saying it since VBeck's show and love it!
Also want to know what kind of mask that was you put on M's nose? HIlarious

Caroline's Mom said...

I completely understand you when you said that you're dressing an octopus!!!! Caroline is that way now.