Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Drama

Well you remember that antibiotic that I had to pour down my baby's throat...well, guess what? This morning (after an extremely fretful night...I mean like I got 45 min total of sleep and I'm not sure they were consecutive), she awoke to a rash, a dreaded rash. ALL. OVER. HER. BODY.

That's right. It's even all over her poor little noggin. And don't you know it itches?

It's been a dreadful 24 hours here at this household, but we are making it. She was prescribed another antibiotic though I'm fearful of giving it to her. After all, the last one causing the rash and all other sorts of stomach issues to boot.

Needless to say, I've been saying "Calgon take me away" all day long.

MM finally asked me this funny question, "Mommy exactly who is Calgon?"

Ah, just what I needed. A laugh!


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Ugh! Well, did the trick of mixing it with food work, at least?!

Lori said...

so not fair... poor HJ and poor mommy... I hope you got a longggg hot bath tonight

just jamie said...

Oh no? An allergic reaction? How is she now?

Misty said...

This is cracking me up....

The Investools banner in your side bar.... That is where my husband works.

And. I so feel your pain. I am so sorry you and your babe are having such a rough go of it. NOT fun.

Shelle said...

Okay that is the worse...rashes stink big time...and having to rub that non-itching lotion on them all over, poor thing...my kids have been through that...and if they were in diapers the horrid DIAPER RASH (because of antibiotic) topped everything off...poor poor kids...

I post funny things kids do and say on my blog...because I love a good laugh...would you mind if I posted about the "Who exactly is Calgon comment?" I can link to your site directly or you can stay anonymous? Let me know...my email is blokthoughts@gmail.com...if you'd rather not comment.

I like your blog...so cute! I "surfed" over to your blog from BLOGHer Ads...thanks!

Jennifer said...

poor baby. poor mommy! i hope you all start doing better... I hope your baby's rash goes away and starts to feel better with the new meds, and that you all get some much needed rest VERY soon!! (like tonight)

that is too funny that you say "calgon take me away" I ALWAYS say that... and I heard my 4 yr old say that the other day when he had to help pick up his bedroom some. lol

hang in there!!
best wishes!!
hugs!!! Jenn

LaskiGal said...

MM cracks me up!!!

I hope HJ feels better really, really soon!!!

Take care--you!

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

oh, poor baby!
My daughter broke out into horrible hives when I gave her penicillan. It took several days to get out of her system. She was miserable. All I could do was drown her with Benadryl and baking soda baths and lots of comforting hugs!
I hope you both can get some rest soon.

RJTrue said...

Hope your little one is better!

Thanks for the bday message! I actually posted one today :)

Kelly said...

Bless your heart - I hope Harper feels better soon.