Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who doesn't love a good surprise? or How I am not dreading my 30th bday as much?

Last week my husband was out of town. I don't like it when he is out of town. You see, we live downtown. You can go a several blocks over and it can be a little scary. Plus scaredy cat, yep, that's me. There. I admit it. Thankfully he rarely has to go out of town and now when he does we can go with him....b/c now I am job-free:)

So he was gone. We all missed him. MM actually cried when I told her that he would be home tomorrow not tonight. You see, tomorrow is like for-eva in pre-school land. That night, I didn't sleep. Ok, exaggeration, but I did not sleep a lot. That is the night my dear neighbor's baby decided to arrive and my neighbors were up all night. First, they walked up and down our street. I really should have joined them instead of being Gladys Kravitz and just watching. Then they loaded the car....twice. Got in. Got out. Walked up and down the street again. Every time the car door slammed, I was convinced it was the boogey man coming to get me. Childish you are thinking? Well that's me too. Childish and scaredy cat. Pretty much sums it up.

Needless to say the next afternoon, we were all so glad we he arrived home. I had cooked a big meal for him. MM had a new picture. Excited, yes ma'am. About an hour and half after his arrival, I took a shower. When I got out MM was singing the "Happy Birthday" song. I was all like, "How did you know my birthday was coming up?" Then, I walked into our bedroom and there...something big wrapped in a fleece blanket (don't fault him for presentation--he didn't have time).

There. it. was. My birthday present a week early.

I knew what it was. We had been saving for awhile for me to upgrade to a SLR digital camera, a Nikon, no less. My dream. So I could record every smile, every important event, every milestone. We had the money saved but I just couldn't do it. He had tried to get me to go and get it. I just couldn't do it. I mean, don't get me wrong. I REEEEEEEAAAALLLLY wanted this camera, but that money could have been used toward something else. Say, bills, for instance?!

But oh-how-excited I was!! I cried for an hour. See I'm still a little hormonal...I gave birth months ago but I still can cry at the drop of a hat or a sad commercial, you name it, I'll cry. I couldn't even open the box for awhile. I was so touched by M. He even remembered an extra battery, a Nikon camera bag, a large memory card, and an ultra-violet lens protector.

Amazed. I was so amazed. He knew I wasn't going to get it myself so he surprised me. Now let me please show you some new photos from my brand spanking new camera. Did I mention how much I love my husband? Oh and turning 30 on Friday, it just got a whole lot easier:)

Here is Harper Jane. 7 1/2 months old. Don't you just want to pinch that little dimple? I sure do.

Mary Margaret, Kramer (or Don King, if you prefer) hair and all.

Also here is a picture of HJ's new favorite food. Have I told y'all that she hates baby food? Well, she loathes baby food. She wants to eat whatever I'm eating, and ashamedly I am letting her. Go ahead, mark me off the award ballot for "Mother of the Year." She loves some carbs. Baked potatoes, cream potatoes, and french fries. Here is a picture of the french fries. Oh does she have teeth, you ask? No, she has zero teeth, but she is one mean gummer!

Here she is gumming that french fry. She's loving it. Go ahead and give me the lecture on giving my kids good eating habits at a young age. Go ahead. I know, I know.

Here is HJ showing off her new pulling up skillz.

Last one for now, I promise!


Tygogal said...

See Please Here

LaskiGal said...

Not supposed to be online today. Family time. But had to visit (only comment I'm leaving today!).

First, 30s are great. Less drama, more appreciation, more self-assured . . .

Second, YAY for the camera!!! Our hubbies think a lot alike. I got a video camera.

Next, HJ is pulling herself up!?!? Is she crawling yet??? And, YAY for French fries. No lecture here!

Finally--beautiful pictures! Gorgeous. And, happy early b-day!

Kelly said...

How exciting!!!! I expect to see a LOT of pictures on your blog now!!!

ashleydiggs said...

Yay for a new camera and YAY for Nikon! That's what I shoot with and I LOVE it!

just jamie said...

Oh what a treat, all these sweet pictures of your girls. They are absolutely darling!

Happy Birthday Lindsey. I know you'll enjoy your special day with all that delicious love around you.

(P.S. I love my Nikon Digital SLR!)

Lori said...

Happy Birthday! Those pictures are great... and look at HJ pulling herself up!

Law Student Hot Mama said...


Wow - I'm impressed by HJ pulling herself up. Poor Sumo Baby - he tries and he tries, but just can't defy gravity to move. I guess that's what happens when you weigh 30 lbs. but your fellow 8 month-ers weigh 20.


Oh, and please tell me you've read my posts on Mrs. Kravitz, my crazy cat lady neighbor who spies on me. She's SO LOOPY!!!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

PS - By all means add me to your blog roll! You know I'm a total 'ho for comments . . . which means I'm always desperate for new readers!!!

Misty said...

I have my eye on a similar camera.... so I'm feeling your excitement...

And happiest early birthday to you EVER!

LG said...

I am so excited about the camera! I am also amazed at how much HJ is looking like MM these days! (and like you too).
SO keep us updated on the camera and your experience. ERik and i have talked multiple times about getting one

Leigh said...

AWESOME! You are talking my language. I am soooo happy for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSEY! Great pics of the girls.

Melek said...

SUCH adorable babies!!!! don't be afraid to hit 30. it was my favorite birthday! plus, look at the two WONDERFUL things you're produced in your first 30 years. just imagine what you can do in the next 30 :)

And super kudos to the husband for remember what you wanted and getting it a week early. how wonderful! it takes really sharp photos.

happy almost birthday!