Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Events

This weekend was so full of outsideness (is that a word?). It was lovely.

Friday night we had a mini "block" party with some of our neighbors. The kids played. The adults do what adults do: sit back, play referee, and enjoy some converstaion.

Saturday, M decide to buy the girls a big, ole' wooden swing-set. Of course, MM was so excited. She told everyone, and I do mean everyone about it. She asked all our neighbors to come over and play. Obviously she did not understand that it had to be put together. Maybe next month, our neighbors may come over and play.

Oh I kid. Surely it will be sometime this week. She actually though her Daddy should stay home from work today so he could devote all his time to assembling the swing set.

M and MM unloaded all the wood. She was so glad to be a helper. She then helped him take "in-ben-tory" of all the pieces. He finished the ladder to the stairs and seriously she said, "What a lovely set of stairs!"

Late Saturday night before she nodded off to sleep she said, "Dad is the man with the plan of the swing set and I love him."

M is like the most wonderful person in all the world to MM. He won MAJAH brownie points. (Don't you just love MAJAH? I sound so very Posh, so very Beckham. Too bad I don't have her fashion budget.)

Little Miss HJ had a tough little weekend. She did turn 8 months old on Friday (where has all that time gone?). She ran a high fever all weekend and obviously did not feel well. Her little eyes look so weak. So off to the doctor we went this morning.

Ear infections in both ears. Yes, that's right, my friends, both ears. The Dr. gave her an antibiotic. She has to take a TON of it twice daily. Seriously, have the drug makers ever heard of concentrated??? I want those drug makers to give HJ this medicine twice a day and see how much of it goes down into her belly. VERY little. She was spitting it out just as fasts as I could put in in. I really don't blame her. If it tastes anything like it smells, then YUCK!!!

So that was my weekend. I hope you had a great one.


Lori said...

MM is too funny... do you have a hard time keeping a straight face when she talks?

Hope HJ starts to feel better quickly, and you don't have to do a second bout of meds!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

My kid is on that same antibiotic for an ear infection.

Hide it in her food. Seriously - my kid has to take 7 ml of it twice a day and there was just no way it was going in via the syringe. He just spat it back out (or threw it up). Trust me - hiding it in the food works MUCH much better. I find bananas best. Sure, they're a little pink, but whatever.

Kelly said...

You are going to have such a fun summer with the girls!
I'm sorry about HJ's ear infection - those are no fun. Hope it clears up soon!

Melek said...

lovely set of stairs! hahaha. kids say great stuff.
hope HJ gets better soon. those ear infections are real bummers.

ashleydiggs said...

Geez! I hope M gets that swingset together soon! Poor MM needs to be able to use that "lovely set of stairs!"

Katie said...

Oh, my sister and I loooovved our swing set when we were little! So much fun! I look forward to Amelia getting one down the road. Aww, sorry to hear that your little one has been sick! :o( Hope those ab's kick in soon! Bless her heart!

just jamie said...

Your MM is just ever-so-sweet. I really think she'll hit it on stage, or screen someday with that charm.

And feel better little HJ. :(