Monday, May 12, 2008


That's me.

I'm the one using anti-bacterial stuff ALL. THE. TIME.

I'm the one that makes everyone take off their shoes at my door.

I'm the one that doesn't allow anyone else to use my lipstick.

I'm the one that sweeps three times a week.

I'm the one who has made her bed every day since at least 1998....yes, even through college.

I'm the one that forces everyone to wash their hands before holding my baby (yes, still, even though she is almost 9 months old).

I'm the one who has hands that are peeling b/c they have been washed so much.

That's me. The germ-a-phobe. I've been called that before. I've realized it and finally I just decided to embrace it. It is who I am. It's really just me....a little OCD. I don't remember always being as bad as I am now, it has definitely gotten worse over the last 10 years. Scary worse.

Then Miss OCD decided to read an article from Men's Health tonight and I almost got sick. Literally. Read the article and tell me what you think.


I'm sure never going to have lemon with my sweet tea. I'm not making my bed any more. I may never touch a shopping cart again. Seriously.


Misty said...

I almost started to read that article, and I couldn't. Just couldn't.

And if it makes you feel any better.... I sweep three times a day - at least - messy kids, what can I say??

And I also vacuum every day. Definitely.

Julie said...'ve made your bed every day since 1998!!!!! WOW!!!! You are good, girl!! :)

ashleydiggs said...

One thing to say: Ewww GROSS!!!

Jen said...

Ewww. "Fecal bacteria" in my vacuum? Gross!

Jenn said...

I always make the bed too ! I even try to make it look neat when my husband is still in there ! Haha

Jessica Chapman said...

Lindsey, It consoles me to think that no matter what I do, I still seem to get sick the same number of times each year. Doesn't it seem that way? p.s. Hope MM is feeling better.

Melek said...

i knew there were germs in the gym and on my shopping cart, but FECAL bacteria?? what the heck are people doing before they go grocery shopping??!! gross!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Yeah, it's gross - and proof that our immune systems work pretty darn well when you think abhout how much grossness you come into contact with daily.

I have one of those shopping cart cover things I put over a cart before I put my kid in the cart. Also, I KNEW there was a reason I never make my bed! Heh.

Oh, favorite product ever? Bath and Body Works makes antibacterial LOTION. It's basically the same as Purell but it doesn't dry your skin out. I use it compulsively.

LaskiGal said...

THANK you a thousand times for not making me feel like I am alone! I use a Floppy on the carts AFTER I wipe down the handle. The cart lady looks at me like I am CRAZY. Don't care . . .

I am a sweeper and a vacuumer. But where the heck must a vacuum be in order to get E Coli--What the heck?? What are people doing with their vacuums!? Well, I'll be breaking out the Lysol now!

just jamie said...

Yuck. My skin is all itchy now. Fecal matter. Eck. On my menu? Eck. My throat is closing up. Eckkkk.

grizaham said...

A made bed just feels better when entered. I make the bed all the time. ;) Just ask the wife.

Leigh Ann said...

Okay, I feel like you wrote about me on this one!!! I am a little OCD so I couldn't read the article because I was afraid it would freak me out! I think Purell was the BEST invention ever!

Leigh said...

Girl, do you read my blog? I am a HUGE Germaphob. I am almost Howard HUghes. I too saw the lemon thing. Scares me to death. I get water with lemon everywhere I go. Whatever will I do?
At the grocery (where the emplyess laugh at me, the eccentric germ lady) I push the cart with my wrist and then use the antibacterial after I get into my car (before I touch the steering wheel and immeidatley upn arriving home-WASH HANDS!).
Do you want to carpool to the shrink together?

CC said...

I won't read it. I won't. You can't make me stop making my bed. No way. N'uh uh!