Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day??

So I've been absent. M.I.A., if you will?! I know, I know, you've missed me:) HA!

So last week we spent the majority (and by majority, I mean every daylight hour) outside on the new fabulous swing set. MM has declared her Daddy, the very best ever. And she totally means it. She is so very proud of her new swing set. She still invites every single kid we see (even those random kids at Wal-Mart) to come over and play.

Our friends, Sonny, Cecelia, Caroline, and Tyson, came back and visited Friday night. I cooked supper and we waited. MM was quite impatient. They hit MAJAH traffic on the way here. Needless to say, when they arrived MM could hardly contain herself.

I was preparing the plates and doing some last minute issues in the kitchen. MM came in and talked to me. She (unbeknownst to me) kept skipping while she was talking to me.....and then ran right into the corner of the door facing.

She fell to the floor. Hard. She turned to look at me and blood was POURING out of her forehead. I don't do blood. I can handle broken bones, vomit, poop, etc. Blood, not so much. But that didn't stop the blood. It was pumping out. I immediately wanted to throw up. Cecelia (thankfully) stepped in. I had MM across my lap in the floor. We were trying to put pressure on the wound. Sonny had both the babies (HJ and Tyson). Poor little Caroline (she's such a tender heart) was crying as hard as MM. She could not stand to see MM hurt. And boy was she hurt.

Michael grabbed the car keys. I carried MM and off we went to the ER. MM was miserable. She didn't understand why we had to keep the cloth on her head. The ER was packed. Who goes to the ER early on a Friday night??? It was only like 7. I was shocked by the number of people there. We were 7th. So we spent a lot of time in the waiting room. I started crying several times and that only made MM worse. She would cry and say, "No Mommy, don't be upset. It's going to be ok." It was pitiful.

So while we were waiting, I called home. I was also concerned about HJ b/c she was hungry when I left. She doesn't do bottles very well. Why use the bottle when you can have the, um....well, cow?? And that cow would be me. Cecelia is a trooper. She found the breast milk in the freezer and finally HJ gave in and drank a little. I also had to ask about on Caroline b/c she was so distraught. They were both fine.

Finally we got back to an ER room. The doctor decided to "super glue" (Dermabond) the wound, which was about 1 1/2 inches long (it covers her forehead). She was very brave and I was so proud of the way she handled it all.

Oh yeah, not only did we have company in town (thankfully b/c they took care of HJ), but we were supposed to have family pictures made Saturday morning. It was my Mother's Day gift. The photographer was coming in from a city an hour away. Doesn't it always happen like that??? (We are going to reschedule)

I will post some pitiful pics soon. The wound is going to leave a huge scar. I've already contacted a plastic surgeon. Call me crazy?! Call me insane?! Call me vain?!Call me what you will. Fine, but I don't want my baby having a big scar on her forehead. I know it will probably fade, but I needed someone to tell me that we could get rid of it if need be. My husband kept reminding me that it could have been so much worse. I know this, but I still don't want a huge scar running from her eyebrow to her hairline. Sometimes as a mother, you can lose your rational self. She's still my precious baby, wound and all. She has been telling everyone that her "Boo-Boo is beautiful." And it is.

I have been given some instructions as to how to minimize the scarring (no sun, vitamin E, aloe vera, etc).

My Google Reader is about to explode. Will you all be made at me if I "mark all as read"? I haven't had much time to read blogs with the accident situation. I hope you will forgive me for not commenting your latest post:)

I am sending you all a big Happy Mother's Day!


Lori said...

poor MM.... hope the wound heals quickly

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Poor thing! In my head I'm totally picturing "Harry Potter." That's totally not going to happen - it'll heal up beautifully, I'm sure. Those head wounds are the worst! They DO bleed A LOT and you always think people are going to assume that you're some kind of social services case!

I hope she heals up quickly!

LaskiGal said...

Go to your Google Reader and mark ALL AS READ right now!

Poor MM!! My heart just aches. I was all tense reading this post! Oh, and I feel for you, the crying, the worrying, the calling the plastic surgeon.

I LOVE MM's attitude--"Boo boo is beautiful." Wonder where she gets her spirit from???

I've missed you and happy to see you back! Happy Mother's Day to a GREAT mommy!!!

Oh, and the "cow" . . . J's an addict. ADDICT. I guess I'll deal with that later ;)

ashleydiggs said...

Oh Word! I can remember I was about 6 and I slashed my eyebrow open with the corner of a kitchen cabinet. I'm pretty sure my parents thought I was actually dying the way I was screaming and the amount of blood coming from my head! I feel for you because there is nothing worse than seeing your baby hurt! Happy Mother's Day!!!

Jenn said...

That's too bad and you are right about everytime you are going to have pictures done one of the kids gets some kind of battle scar to their face ! My son cut his chin open at school on the slide and they used the glue when I took him to the hospital after the call came and I drove like a mad woman to the school thinking his cut was so much worse then it really was . Why do they call you and get you so worried only to get there and really it's not to bad ? Anyways back to the super glue, it was great no needles needed for stitches and it healed really well you can hardly tell he even has a scar. So maybe your little one will heal up and you won't really notice it. Well now that I have written a book here I better zip it sorry it was so long. Have a good day !

Leigh said...

WOW! WHat a weekend. SO sorry for MM! I know she wanted to play. And it is hard not to cry when our babies are in pain. Ithurts us as badly, if not worse. I am glad she is going to be ok. I will bet it will not leave much of a scar. It will fade. DOnt worry.

Glad you are back, MM is and HJ are all good. You're a good mom! HAppy Moms day. HUGS

Misty said...

Don't forget old fashion neosporin. For real.

I'm sorry to hear of all the troubles. And, I cry, too.... over my kids, with my kids, all by myself.... don't give it a second thought.

xo Misty

just jamie said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry I missed this post, and I'm so sorry for all of you. Thanks goodness it was not worse. And what a brave little peanut for handling it all so well. Extra hugs for that sweet little MM.