Thursday, May 22, 2008

I might could live in there....

In the spirit of "What's in your car?" over at Rocks in my Dryer....

I cleaned out my SUV and guess what all I found....

*2 left over Happy Meals
*Baby Swing
*Pair of black heels
*Pair of black flip flops
*Diaper bag
*4 stuffed animals
*4 empty water bottles (HJ's fave toy)
*Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer (3, yes 3 bottles)
*3 grocery list note pads (no wonder I can't find one in the house)
*Chinese menu (sometimes you need to order in the car)
*Disney Princess Crown
*Lilo and Stitch DVD
*2 leftover soft drinks from McDonald's (one that leaked in the cup holder--gross)
*2 library books (I hope they are not over due)
*Pack of baby wipes (dried out, no less)
*key ring mini flash light
*an unopened tin of Altoids
*empty (very sticky) sippy cup
*empty iPod box with instruction manual
*tape measure (you never know when you might need one)

and lastly...
*an unopened organizer that goes on the back of the car seat (might be nice if I happened to use this)

What's in your car?


April said...

I just did this also which lead me to read some others....I just love your blog....have a happy day


Leigh Ann said...

My husband says my SUV is a mobile trash can! Ha! That's just the way we roll. Seriously, with small kids, it just happens. There is no avoiding it!

just jamie said...

Oh that's funny. A baby SWING? Like, hiding in there?

My husband got my car all spiffed up on Mother's Day, and just today I was sifting through about 400 miscellaneous pieces of crap that are already in there. Coffee cups, ballet shoe (just one), baggies of half-eaten snacks, and ... well, pretty much your list without the swing. :)

Happy Mommy said...

Now thats not to bad... Mine was much worse!

Angela said...

I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts on this... I can't participate because there is rarely anything in husband is a neat-nick. Now under the sink....the things I could post!

Leigh said...

FOrtunatley I cleaned mine out recently...but at this moment:
clothes for consignment
tennis rackets 4 or 5 of them
caprisun drink boxes (we got to alot of sports stuff so I keep them in there)
6 pairs sunglasses
chick fil a calendar (has coupons in it)
coupon book the school sold
3 cd cases (LOVE MUSIC)
a box (to mail off ebay stuff)
a box of kleenex

ashleydiggs said...

I'm still laughing at the dried out wipes....but I have found that they make GREAT dust rags!!!

Julie said...

Funny!!! Just Funny!!! I have cleaning out my car on my project list!!! It is a good thing you have an suv!!

Laura said...

Your post was so funny! I'll think about cleaning out my car AFTER the three day weekend! Thanks for making me laugh!

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Hey, I love this idea. I missed it yesterday. But, I think I will do it sometime. Maybe even today since I have to clean out my van for a weekend vacation. It is sad when that is about the only time I really clean it out.
This was funny! Have a great weekend! See you next week! (smile)


Tranny Head said...

Heh - until yesterday my car was filled with rejected and unread law books. Then I sold them back for pennies on the dollar. *whimper*

Other than that, I'm sure there's lots of random food that falls down in that crack between seat and center console. How the hell are you supposed to get that crap out of there, anyway?

Jessica said...

You are so far from nosy! You are sweet!