Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Twenty Things I Will (Probably) Never Do

In the spirit of Boomama's post, I decided to follow and make my own list.

1. Own a reptile or a spider as a pet
2. Bungee Jump
3. Stop drinking sweet tea
4. Stop wearing my orange and blue (War Eagle)
5. Yell "Roll Tide" no matter who they are playing
6. Go sky diving
7. Go scuba diving (Did you see this LINK)
8. Be a crab fisherman (Have you watched The Deadliest Catch?)
9. Stop loving antiques and hand-me-downs
10. Stop loving a good bargain
11. Buy an airbrushed car tag that says "L loves M" even though I do
12. Be the President of our country
13. Regret staying at home with the children
14. Stop loving food with cream cheese and/or chocolate (Yummy)
15. Enjoy sweeping/mopping/cleaning the floors
16. Suggest that we go camping as our family vacation
17. Enjoy humidity
18. Stop enjoying books
19. Be an acrobat
20. Watch daytime soaps

Coming tomorrow: 20 Things I'll Always Do

What are Twenty Things You'll Never Do???


Tranny Head said...

Speaking of cleaning the floors - do those Roomba things actually WORK?! 'Cause if so, I want one.

As for the other stuff, I HAVE been bungee jumping. It was awesome.

And I've been crab fishing - though for blue crabs in the Atlantic, not king crabs.

And while I don't mind reptiles so much, there will be NO pet spiders in my house. HELL to the no. Not that spiders bother me that much, but more because the pet kind (tarantulas), should they get loose and I step on it in the middle of the night, EWW.

Misty said...

I just read a post of farting in public....


I (HOPE) I never fart, on purpose, in public. But then again, I could always blame it on my kids.

Misty said...

I meant fart, on purpose, with the NOISE attached......

The quiet ones.... well.... who knows....

just jamie said...

Oooh, I like this post idea. I'll have to steal (borrow) it.

I'll never win American Idol that's for sure.

Leigh Ann said...

I am so with you on the camping thing. It just doesn't sound like a vacation, when AC isn't involved!

Laura said...

Sorry, Lindsey, but I must say that I'll (probably) never say, "War Eagle." One thing I'll always say is "Roll Tide." I agree with you on the bunge jumping, though! That's a never.

Laski said...

I so get #4 and #5--gosh, I miss it :(

As for the rest--you had me at #s 10, 13, and 18.

By the way, which daytime soaps . . . just wondering ;)

Back . . . safe and sound :)

Leigh said...

OH! Those are great! I will try and post mine this week....with the kids home, I am having blog withdrawls b/c I dont have as much blogging time. (UGG!) Will work on it though b/c I LOVE things like this. LOVE!

LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

Dropping by from Leigh Ann's blog and love the post idea! I am right there with ya on majority of the things. :) Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading.

Katie said...

What a great list! Maybe I'll post one of these, too. My husband and I watch Deadliest Catch all the time. I would LOVE to do that, but know that I never will (obviously). And I totally agree with you on the sweet tea, loving antiques and hand-me-downs, and the book ones. Well, now I'm off to do a little #15, and I'll have to think about my own list of 20... :o)

Kelly said...

Hee hee .....this is hilarious! Love your list!!!!

Jen said...

I forgot how I got to your blog but I love your list. You have made me want to rethink my love of scuba diving. Thanks a lot :) I have done my own list.

P.S. I'm completely with you on #1 and #16.