Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Need a good laugh?

I'm always for watching funny videos of kids and these are great! If you need a break from your day or need a good laugh, check these out!


Thank me later! HA!

P.S. Christy (mother of soon to be baby Jude), YOU MUST CHECK THESE OUT!!!


Laski said...

I could play these ALL day!!! Must get more video of J laughing.

BTW, I'm going to post it . . . the deleted post.

And you . . . us, we are so going to be hanging out one day soon. I just know it!

Leigh Ann said...

There is NOTHING better than a baby laugh! It's good for the soul!

Christy said...

OK...I am going to check out the video...but I had to go ahead and comment b/c I read you sold your house!!!! YEAH!!!! Oh, i know it is crazy...but think of it as a way to get RE-organized!