Friday, June 27, 2008

Seasonal Movies

And I'm not just talking about Christmas movies here, people.

I tried to watch Little Women one night last week and I couldn't watch it. Why, you might be asking yourself? I was confused a bit and then I started thinking (yes, I can manage to think occassionally even after 2 children---shocked aren't you?)

It is because Little Women is a WINTER movie. There are just some movies that I can't watch during the summer. Saving Private Ryan is another winter movie as is the Band of Brothers Series. I just can't do it.

I was thinking it was just some weird idiosyncracy that I have (believe me, I have quite a few of them). So I did a little experiment with M. We Netflix (and I love it, btw). We were looking at what movies we might want to receive next and I just said, "Let's watch Band of Brothers Series. That is such a good series. Let's rewatch it."

M responded, "No, let's wait til it's cold outside again before we watch it."

My little experiment proved that we are two very weird people, right? Or do you, my blog friends, have movies that you only like to watch in certain seasons? I've started a little list below.

Imagine that, A LIST! On my blog? NO?!

Add to it, PLEASE!

1. Band of Brothers
2. Little Women
3. Day After Tomorrow (hello? ALL. THAT. SNOW.)
4. Casablanca
5. Hitchcock movies
6. The Godfather movies

1. Grease
2. Indiana Jones (all of them)
3. A Time to Kill (maybe b/c they sweat the entire movie)
4. Sex and the City
5. Sweet Home Alabama

I'm not like this about all movies but there are just some that are seasonal. Call me crazy? I deserve it.

P.S. I haven't even started packing yet. I have been too busy getting estimates for the remodel work on the new old house. Ick!


just jamie said...

Pardon the interruption from your packing (ahem, that is a polite way to say "hop to it missy!") ... you crack me up. But the thing is, I get it. Haven't had enough coffee yet to add to your list, but I'm with ya.

(And good luck packing. I know it soooo well. Wish I could come help. Okay, kind of I don't. But I'd help with the kids.) :)

Megan said...

Hey Lindsey, I came over from Julie's blog! Just wanted to say hello and also, I totally agree that movies have certain seasons that are most appropriate for viewing.
Pearl Harbor - summer movie
Serendipity - winter movie
Father of the Bride - total summer movie!
You aren't weird! :-)

Kim said...

Ok so you totally have me and my sister in a deep discussion about this! We totally agree with you!! The big one that we came up with is Into The Blue. How could you watch someone diving walking around half naked when it is snowing outside your window??

Julie said...

Oh, man you scared me to death when I first started reading your post and you said that you just couldn't watch Little Women but then I read further and my heart rate slowed down. Little Women is one of my favorite movies!!!!!!!!

Betsy said...'re definitely not weird! I know what you mean. I can watch any movie any time of the year, but I'm more in the mood to listen to certain kinds of music in the summer and winter. But I DO have a movie that reminds me of fall....When Harry Met Sally. That has such pretty scenes of fall in Central Park!

Leigh Ann said...

No matter what season, I can't watch any movies that take place under water like "The Abyss". That freaks me out! And, now that you mention it, "Titanic" is definitely a winter movie to me! I guess it's the icebergs! Ha!

Leigh said...

I completely agree!

A time to kill, you cannot watch that in the fall. They are soaked the entore movie. I would get a chill just watching it.

Leigh said...

BTW love the new layout! Pretty!

Rhea said...

That's hilarious about winter and summer movies. You crack me up.

I came to visit from your comment on Tranny Head's blog. I thought your comment was hilarious about sending your old peanut butter but I was horrified to know you could get sick from eating peanut butter?!! Really? I love peanut butter.

LaskiGal said...

I wait to the last minute for everything. Packing included. I figure I'll get to it when it HAS to be done (as in when the movers are in the driveway).

Those winter movies are deeper, sometimes darker, more emotional . . . I too need a little fluff and fun adventure in the summer.

The lay out is adorable, btw!!!

CC said...

I'm with LaskiGal on the summer needs to have fluff and adventure.

Ocean movies seem to be summer(Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, etc), some action movies are winter (Die Hard-but then again, it does take place at Christmas time), others are summer (Independence Day...because...hello?!)...

Jennifer said...

i totally agree with you... but for some reason, i'm drawing a complete blank on any that i can list... i know Sisterhood of the Traveling pants is a good summer movie... and so is Beaches, and um... Goonies!! :) for some reason those were the three that came to me just now. talk about weird. lol

xoxoxo love the lists... as always!!!