Friday, June 20, 2008

Strike a pose!

Swimming fun
Matching swimsuits, of course!

HJ at the end of our bed...just hanging out!

One day I was looking everywhere for MM. Guess where she was??? Hiding with her favorite play friends. All her stuffed animals!

Ready for choir camp. She had such fun!

Guess who loves, loves, loves ice cream??? Don't tell me that she's not supposed to have it yet....I know, I know! No milk allergies in our family!

Finally enough hair for a bow!

Playing together already!

Swimming at Emma's. Emma is the daughter of one of my very best friends (since we were 6) and my college roomie, Amber. I am so glad she is only 45 minutes away.

Emma's 5th birthday party. These girls play so well together!


Misty said...

Your girls... they are beyond cute! I can barely stand it.

Lori said...

your girls are just too cute!

Stefanie said...

The girls are getting so big!!! And MM and Emma are just so adorable together.

Leigh said...

Oh, Lindsey! You do have the most beautiufl girls. I just enjoy lookin gat your pictures.

Oh! I commented on my blog abou the thrift store.
call me if you go and we'll meet and shop and lunch somewhere.

I am so glad that you all are enjoying summer-with the exception of the stiches...Good times!

Jennifer said...

your girls are





they so cute!! i love that you dress them alike and that they have matching bathing suites and also matching jammies. :)

love that they are playing together already. i hope they have many happy years of playing nicely with one another. :)

my girls do pretty good with getting along and i think they share better than most kids their age b/c they have always had to share everything... since the womb. lol but some days they are at each other throats, makes me so sad, but i know that is what siblings do. :)

also, i gave my kids icecream before they were technically old enough... well maybe not my son too much... b/c he was the first. lol but the girls had it. :) they are okay as long as you know there aren't any family allergies. :) seems like she is a very happy baby to have some icecream. love that smile.

that is great that you are still in touch with your friend from when you were 6.... and that your girls now get to be friends. :) awesome.

okay... i think i have rambled enough. :)

oh yeah... one more thing... yesterday i watche the link you posted... the babies laughing... and was crying i was laughing so hard at them. thanks for that... i meant to leave a comment, but the kids just kept wanting to watch the videos over and over and over so finally after seeing all of them at least three times each... i had to just walk away from the computer to get them to stop. lol

thanks again.

have a great weekend.


ashleydiggs said...


Leigh Ann said...

Such cutiepatooties! I love all MM's little smocked dresses. That pic of them from the back playing with the dollhouse is priceless! Definitely made me smile!

CC said...

So. Darn. Cute.

My kids are (so far) best friends! :)

Jenn said...

They are so cute! Hope you have a nice weekend!

Laura said...

What cute pics!! Your little girls are adorable!!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, what cute pictures. Your girls are beautiful. I so understand the matching swimsuits. My sister and I always dress our girls in matching swimsuits and they are only cousins. It makes for the best pictures! Have a great weekend!

Amanda Jo said...

You have the happiest little girls - ever! They are precious...thank you for sharing these photos with us!

Julie said...

Absolutely 100% ADORABLE GIRLS!!! I loved looking at these pictures.

You are BLESSED!!!!!

Kelly said...

I am LOVING the pictures - thanks for sharing!!!! Those two girls are the CUTEST!!!!!

just jamie said...

I just ADORE pictures of your darling girls. Ugh. Makes me want a few more ... good job Mommy!

LaskiGal said...

Those shots are awesome. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Perfect. I'm seriously in love with them both. We need to get HJ and J together . . . seriously. We'd be such pains in their butts!!!

BTW, J loves ice cream and whipped cream. I know . . . bad, but I just give a little. I mean, he LOVES it!!!

Jennifer said...

hey there. hope all is well with you. :) just stopping by to say hi. :) i have been here a few other times to check on you... but thought this time i would just leave a little note... hope all is well with moving and packing and all that good stuff. :) and of course with the girls and family!!

i'll be back!

have a great day!!

BC said...

I am smiling at the photo that says "finally enough hair for a bow". :) I know what you mean! My little one is far from that point so we're going with headbands at this point. Love the sisters in matching bathing suits!

Tranny Head said...

I love that they're playing together! Beats fighting together or ripping each others' hair out, right? :-)

Kim said...

Cute pictures! Your girls are adorable! How old are they? I have two boys and they look to be about the same age as mine :)

Leigh said...

Hey Lindsey! You are on my list of features FRANS today!


Katie said...

Oh my goodness! They are truly adorable! I think that is one of the sweetest pictures EVER of the two of them playing with the dollhouse! AWW! I hope my little Miss Amelia has a sister one day.