Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things I'm glad I'm not

Well over the last few days, I have been pondering over certain occupations. You all know that I chose teaching as my profession and I'm more thankful than ever. Here are several jobs I couldn't be paid to do (Yay! Another list! Excited yet?):

1. House Inspector (think of all the things they find/see) BTW, we have ours soon, keep your fingers crossed and pray!
2. Pest Control Person (2 words: Glue Boards. ICK!!)
3. Mover (I could not stare at boxes all day long much less be expected to move them)
4. Lowe's worker (I could not deal with people like me on a daily basis)
5. Plumber
6. Roofer (It's hot, people)

Are you noticing a theme here?

P.S. I hope I have not offended anyone by my list, that is not my intention. I simply am glad I chose teaching as my life long job.

What are you glad you are not???


Leigh said...

Oh, I hear ya! I LOOOVVVVEEE all of these people, but like you, I couldn't do it. Anyone that deals with the public these days (so many downright rude people) I have a great appreciation for. And if the worker is nice, bonus points.
Not offended, understood.

BTW- EVERY single time my bug guy comes (monthly b/c I could NOT handle seeing a roach, TERRIFIED) I tell my bug guy, Terrance-"I love you!!" And he knows I do. LOL. He has been with us for 7 years now and knows I am a freak about that. HAHA

Stefanie said...

Since I have been the Lowe's worker, I totally understand you here. I would NEVER do that job again, however, my cousin is a manager at Lowes. So it makes me appreciate him more. And working any job outside, I totally would not do. I hate the heat. But as an office manager who deals with people on a daily basis, I long for the day till I get my degree. Then hopefully I will find something that is out of the eye of customers.

Debbie Killian said...

I am glad that I am NOT a Mother of more than two sons!!!!!!!

I am glad that I do not teach gifted or special education!!!!!!!

I am glad that I am NOT 50......yet.....sigh

I am glad that I do NOT drive a school bus:)

Jessica said...

Ha, ha! I could not be a plumber either. I also couldn't be sheetrocker or framer. Building this house was an eye opener!! : )

Are you really close to Gulf Shores? Were going over 4th of July.

Tranny Head said...

Heh - I see a lot of outdoor jobs there. I have a confession - if I could make enough money laying bricks, I'd totally do it for a living. I think it would be so satisfying to get something like a wall at the end of a day instead of just some stupid pile of paper. In that same vein, I'd like some of your outdoor jobs. But not Lowe's worker. *shudder*

Do they even HAVE workers? I mean - every time I go there, I can't find a living soul to help me.

Betsy said...

I'm a teacher, too, and glad I chose that profession!! I am so with you...I couldn't do any of the things you listed!

Julie said...

I am so glad I am not a waitress!! There is a huge need for them but I would surely drop the tray of food!!! :)

Jennifer said...

as always, I love your list. :)

i think b/c i'm a list maker it makes me really enjoy these!! :)

I was a dental assistant before my current job of SAHM... which I absolutely LOVED both...

I have also been a receptionist in a real estate office... did NOT like it at all... and at a dental office... it wasn't soo bad.

I was also a barmaid and short order chook... LOVED this but a lot of work!! (did them at the same time!!)

I was also an assistant for a welder... that was an awesome job!

I would NOT want to be a waitress... they are treated not as good as they should be and do NOT get paid enough.
I also would NOT want to be a sewer person... septic person, whatever it is.
I would NOT want to be a pet groomer or walker for that matter.
I would NOT want to be a prison gaurd, it would be like doing time.
that is all for now. :)

xoxoxox have a great day!

LG said...

After Bonnaroo, Erik and I wondered how they EVER get people to be the "porta potty cleaning crew" ewwww

Misty said...

You're simply listing things you don't care to do.... and I can think of a lot of men that would look at my list of "to-dos" and run like hell for the door.

Angela Williams Duea said...

- Any job that has to do with garbage. Especially people that have to sort big piles of it.

- Leech minder. There really is such a thing. They are medical professionals that attach surgical leeches (real leeches!) to people with certain injuries or surgeries. They have to watch to be sure the leech doesn't migrate away from the wound.

- A hospital emergency room worker.

- An IRS auditor.


LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

Loved the list! I agree with all of your top "I am glad I am not.." Definitely none of the above are for me.. I could not do it! I am visiting from Leigh Ann's blog and have loved reading through your blog! Thanks for sharing!

just jamie said...

Hee heee, having just gone through a move last week, again, I hear ya! (Yucky attics and crawl spaces ... Eek!)

LaskiGal said...

I don't think I could be a construction worker during the summer. Along with that, couldn't be the person who holds up the sign during roadwork or a substitute teacher (I know I'm a teacher, but NO WAY . . . ). There are so many more.

So, do you think you'll go back to teaching one day???

CC said...

My friends told me a life lesson they taught their kids. One day they had hired movers to move all the huge things from their house into the moving van. They stopped their pre-teen kids from packing for a few minutes, had them sit on the couch, and told them to watch. After watching for a little while they said, "THAT is why you will be going to college."