Friday, August 29, 2008


Today my grandmother, Nene, the girls, and I went to lunch and for some shopping. While we were shopping, MM had an itch. She was very dramatic while she was trying to scratch it. It was a big deal.

She looks at Nene and me and ever-so-serious she stated, "Oh no Mommy! It must be an allergy attack."


Obviously, we have been watching too many commercials.


Oh and McDonald's please get some new toys. The Star Wars Happy Meal toys are killing me. Between "Dark Vapor" and "Princess Maia" I am going crazy.


MM has these stuffed baby birds (think Ty Beanie Babyish). These birds have been sitting on a pretend nest.

I asked MM why the birds were sitting on the nest.

"Well Mommy, the birds are waiting for their eggs to catch."

So there you have it.

Happy Weekend!


Lori said...

she is too cute... got to love how little ones see the world

Laura said...

I can SOOOOOOOO understand about Mickey D's Happy Meal toys!! They are so lame and NOT for little girls!! Everytime Alise gets one, she says, "This is a boy toy!" Her daddy thinks they're cool. He would.

just jamie said...

She's a doll. (Like her mama.)

Leigh Ann said...

I love MMisms. They make my heart happy!

Leigh said...

MM always owns me!